Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well...It was a Tuesday!

What can I say? It was totally a Tuesday in my classroom. The kids were so good this morning. It was a blast. Then this afternoon life fell apart. The kids were rowdy and rude to each other. I believe in them SO much, I know that they can do it. I think my downfall now is that I don't have many consequences for them so they are learning that they can do what they want and not pay for it. That has changed these last few days. I am trying really hard to use logical consquences. We will see how that goes. After school I went and got our car at the local garage. It needed to be inspected and serviced. That cost a hefty $50 I didn't really have to spend on that. Such is life. Then I had to go back to the school to finish planning for tomorrow. AND since I have faculty meeting in the morning, I have to be up earlier than I would like and try and get the two kiddos ready to go as well. Thank heavens for my wife and her willingness to help. I made it home in time to have dinner with the family before my wife headed out to a church activity night for the ladies. They did canning stuff. While she was gone I had the kids help me pick up the house while I vaccumed. It felt good to help out. She works so hard, she deserves a good dose of help now and then (more "now" than "then"). She just got home a few minutes ago. I am going to go. I have a college class I am studying for (hence no blogging last night as I turned in my first assignment late because the class was Saturday and it was Melon Days). I sure hope all is well! Enjoy...

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