Monday, September 29, 2008

New Header AND A Virtual Visit from An Author

Greetings Readers,
Today was a great day. The kids were a bit rowdy-Monday's are always a little crazy. When I told the class in our morning meeting that we were going to have a special guest visiting they were very excited. It also drove me crazy because they wanted to know who it was, was it a boy or girl, why were they coming, etc, etc, etc.
That went on most of the day. By the time it WAS time to announce that our visitor was going to be an author and that she would be visiting by way of the Internet, they were excited still, but a little uncertain of what was going to happen. It was neat to have Elysabeth Eldering take time out of her busy day to conference with my students. It was a great 40 minutes as the kids asked questions and listened to the responses. The 40 minutes ended with Ms. Eldering reading part of a short story that got her started in her writing career. I am so excited to have an actual author mentor my students over the course of the next 2 months. This leading up to me hosting her new book for a day on my blog. Tomorrow is going to be a great day at school. In the morning, the school is taking a field trip to a local farmers field for the kids to choose a pumpkin. We then do a decoration contest at school and I do a day of pumpkin math. We estimate weight, gather information, do graphs, etc. I love it.

Well, after talking with Ms. Eldering this evening for a couple hours, I am more ready than ever to tackle this virtual author visit projects. Life moves on. My wife is asleep on my shoulder, so I need to sign off. Thanks for reading...


P.S. My sister made a seasonal header for my blog. A little on the cutesy side, but still pretty cool! Thanks sis! Check out her work at: or

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  1. Thanks for having me in your classroom. It was a bit weird because of it being one sided on the sound (I was talking and could be heard but couldn't hear them). I had fun and am looking forward to working with you on the writing workshop and all. I am also looking forward to doing more of these virtual visits, so line me up some teachers - lol - This could be the new thing for me since I really don't have a platform yet. Only time will tell. I will chat with you again this evening (if my eyes are still opened) and will be in class tomorrow - E :)


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