Wednesday, October 01, 2008

To Be Or Not To Be....Or Something Like That


It has been a while since I was able to find (or make) a spare minute to chat with you. Life has been pretty crazy to say the least. I am really enjoying the virtual classroom visits from Mrs. Eldering. The kids seem to really enjoy it as well. We have started doing the 5 types of leads in class. The kids have learned about Action leads, and Dialogue leads. To practice them, I am using Harris Burdick pictures.

(The picture above is one of the pictures. In fact I wrote a 63 page story about it. It is titled" Mr. Linden's Library". I am proud of that actually. It feels good to know that I wrote a complete story, and, if I do say so myself, have it turn out coherent and enjoyable to read with a few twists added in.)

The kids look at the picture and then do a 3 minute quick write using the type of lead we are practicing. Then the kids share and we move on to the next picture. Our guest author did it with the kids today. It went well and she really enjoyed it as well. I was grateful for her participation because she was able to show the kids a great example of the lead type. Some kids aren't getting it yet. They try to describe the picture instead of write a story lead. But I know with practice they will get better.

After school I had to plan quickly so I could make it home to teach a voice lesson. Although I ended up helping my voice student create a DVD of the queen pageant from Melon Days. After that I mowed our poor little lawn and took the vines from the garden that the squash bugs were thriving on and hauled them to the dump. It was my turn to cook (a.k.a. eating out) and we went to Burger King. Made home in time to get the kids in jammies, scriptures, and prayers. We also watched the finale of America's Got Talent. I must say I was very disappointed with who won. But I voted for someone else and that was I all I could do.

Now I am sitting here dreading that I have homework for my college class, watching A Knight's Tale on TV, and think that I am pretty tired. Good thing that time will march on.

I guess a high-light (sarcasm) of today would be having a student tell me to SHUT UP in front of the class. That was exciting to say the least. It was all good. I simply sent him to the office and then went down after school (20 minutes later) and explained that I care about him like I care about all my students, that I want him to work harder, and do his best. I hope he does.

Well, that is longer post as promised. Thanks for reading, ciao!



  1. Ouch - student telling you to shut up. I haven't read your story yet (haven't had a chance and would like to so I can give you comments on it). I really did have fun. Funny I posted on my blog ( using the actual picture we used today. My publisher even said it was a good start. But I like butterflies so that helped. Can't wait to see what awaits me tomorrow. Looking forward to getting them started on the contest too - see you in the classroom - E :)

  2. Wow- what a patient person you are! (Is that why you had to wait 20 min before you could get down there to see him?) Those are the joys of being a teacher I guess. I think you are doing a great job.

  3. Thanks for checking in on my blog and commenting. I am BAD at the whole comment thing. I do read your posts. I miss teaching with you also and I miss the kids (not the ones you have to send to the office) Thanks for the best wishes on our house. We are really excited...they say concrete early next week. Keep us in your prayers. Hey...Ryan got called as EQ president...I am sure you can sympathize with him! :) Take care...great to blog chat with you. Tell your family hello!!

  4. I'm still waiting to read "Mr Linden's Library" in it's entirety... I do believe you started it when I was still there and I got to read the first few pages...


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