Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Only Tuesday !?!?

Wow! Time is flying by and I find myself wondering what happened. I make it home from school and suddenly it is 11:00pm and time to be in bed. I go into panic mode due to the many projects/assignments that I still haven't completed and hope that while I sleep the work fairy will come and smack me on the head and tell me to get my butt in gear. Ok, not really about the fairy thing.

3 of 4 children are sick again. This time they have colds. Our 3rd son has matted eyes and serious congestion. Poor kid. I feel so bad for him. Our daughter still has her cough, though it is slowly going away, and our oldest is developing his cough as we speak and an irritated eye (though we are positive it is NOT pink eye).

I am proud of myself for getting 3 of the 6 pages I have to have done for The MailBox tonight. That was a huge success. Only 3 more to go before December 1st.

School this week is going less smoothly than last week. I don't know if it's me or the kids. They are such a bunch of great kids. I know they are doing their best, and I need to accept that. But, when as a teacher, I see what they CAN be, I hate to settle for what they currently are. Good is good, but isn't GREAT better? They did earn a BINGO today (I do a BINGO board and if they are on task when a randomized computer program asks, then they get a bingo draw.) For the BINGO, they earned a No Homework Night. They got that last time. They were sad they didn't get one of the other prizes, but decided it was better than nothing! :)

I also found out today (because I noticed a fax laying on the counter by my school mailbox), that I have a meeting on Tuesday, the 25th, at the district office for the Master's program. I am excited to see what will be involved and what I need to do to get things rolling. It will be a two year program. I can do it...I can do it...I can do it... (I HATE writing papers, did I ever mention that to anyone?)

I hope that you all ran out and bought Wall-E today. My sister is picking it up for my kids for Christmas. We are excited to see it. It looked like it would be a good one.

Well, I still have 3 chapters of my textbook to read before Saturday, not to mention survive Twilight and a bunch of church meetings.

Well with those happy thoughts, I bid you Adieu!



  1. We ard all sick too, I feel for ya! I have been sick for over 2 weeks, just can't kick it!

  2. I hate that the kids are all getting sick now - it's difficult to be sick around the holidays. A few years back, I had pneumonia and was diagnosed two days before Christmas. Not fun - I didn't even know I had pneumonia and I still had to work and do Christmas dinner and all that stuff. It was not a fun time. Hoping the kiddies get well quickly and maybe you will not get sick. Although you sound as if you are getting over the cold yourself - lol - talk soon - E :)


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