Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm Really Alive, I Promise!

I have NOT been slacking. I promise. I have been drowning in LIFE! I really could go into all the details, but it isn't that interesting.

School has been quiet this past week. I had a student decide to home school. I miss having the student in my classroom. I like ALL my students a lot! I want them ALL to succeed, not just some of them. I hope everyday that my students know that I care about each one of them, and I want them to succeed!

Life at home has been good as well. The kids are all doing great in school. My two baby boys are growing and learning so quickly, and enjoying being at home with their mom.

I also found out about the master's program. I am going to be going to Price once a week during the school year and twice a week during the summer. They were able to work it out so that I will NEVER have to be on campus. I love THAT a lot! So I guess I am back on track for that.

During the time I last posted, I have also agreed to be the advisor for a community video/filming club. A student that I teach voice(singing) to wanted to start a club at the high school, but based on district guidelines it wouldn't be allowed. So we arranged to make it a "community" club and would allow the students to use my classroom for their meetings. I am looking forward to that.

Today has been good. I sang with my daughter in church, went with my father to speak in a near town in a singles branch, and in a couple hours I am teaching a Teacher Improvement class. So this day will be nice to have done. I still have assignments for my college class and other classes, not to mention I have 6 pages due to the Mailbox before December 1st.

I guess I better get to work on them!


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