Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Wow Readers, no wonder some of you have discontinued your subscriptions! 4 days and no post. I can explain the last four days, and it may be a few more until the next one!

Let's see, where do we begin:

November 8th:

Saturday and Closing Night of the Play. WOW. That was a REALLY long day! I woke up pretty
early and headed up to my parents. They are putting up a huge shed in their side yard to house their workshop and trailer. The shed is 30ft wide, 46ft long, and 17ft tall! It is ONE HUGE SHED! It was cool to watch it go up, one half circle section at a time! It was also nice to see my two older sisters who came with their husbands to help. By the time that was over I had just enough time to get my haircut, shower, eat dinner, and head right to the high school for the play. It went super well and the kids thanked me at the end and gave me a plant. (See picture). It was very mush appreciated. Every year I tell myself that I won't do that again, and every year I do it again. So,I wonder what is up for next year.

November 9th: Sunday

Due to rampant sickness sweeping through our house I was the only one that made it to church. My wife stayed home with the kids (which was maybe a little crazy as they about drove her nuts!) It was a busy day as well! Meetings starting at 8am and going until 1pm. Then family visits from 1:30 to 2:30. Dinner and then another family visit that was supposed to go for a few minutes and lasted 2 hours. So come 5:30 I finally had a minute to sit down. But with the sick kids, life was anything but relaxing.

November 10th: Monday

Was a day. The day went smoothly and for the most part my class was excellent! I love those kids to pieces. They make me want to scream sometimes, but that is just part of life! We were able to attend the book fair as a family in the evening, and my wife even won a gift certificate in a drawing ($10). Wa hoo! Grandma showed up and HOOKED the kids up! :) Thanks grandma. The kids love their new books, and in fact, you HAVE to read the book, "Pinkalicious" by Victoria Kann. It is one of our families new favorites.
November 11th- Tuesday.
Today has gone well. I was pleased with school and all that I was able to accomplish. I have started morning meeting again with my class. It has REALLY helped my kids return to respectful behavior. If I had to give an overall feel for the year, I would say it is going wonderful. I am very proud of my students, and hope they feel appreciated and respected. I missed a grade level meeting after school because I had another meeting. I am getting very tired of meetings! :) Tutoring this evening followed by a good dose of kid time. It was fun this evening to wrestle on the floor with my babies. We read scriptures, sang songs, read picture books, and ended the evening by reading more out of the Little House series. (We are on book 2). Now the kids are in bed, my wife and I are shopping on-line (Shame on us- we can't really afford it). So I better sign off!
Thanks for reading, and keep coming back for more.


  1. 4 Days and no posts huh? Well, you have got me. I think it has been longer for me. What a week. Sometimes blogging is just not right up there.

  2. I agree - don't see why folks will stop following a blogger because they didn't post something every day or every other day - Just means that life continues on and you have a very active and busy life. I haven't posted anything in a while either and should but I had a setback and now I'm back on track (hopefully) and ready to get to writing on States #3, #4, and #5 as well as the teacher's guides.

    I won't stop following just because you don't post every day. As you can see I don't have a chance to check blogs every day and leave messages - lol - but when I get a short break, I do try to show my friends I'm still around.

    See you in class Monday - E :)

  3. I WISH teachers got paid 6 figures to teach. LOL. I don't know that paying them more will make them better, but it will attract better teachers to consider the profession.

  4. Gosh if teacher's were paid six figures - I know plenty of teachers who barely squeak out what I'm supposed to make and we are in the south. Oh well. If only - see you in the postings - E :)


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