Monday, December 01, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Can you believe that it is December 1st?

I am still trying to figure out what happened to Halloween?!?!?

It has been a great day however. The kids at school were fantastic today. It was a day that reminded me why I chose to be a teacher. They weren't perfect, but they were really good, and I enjoyed being with them today!

After school, I hurried home to help a fellow teacher with some forms to get her going on her application for her Masters. I did mine last week, and boy was that an adventure. So, I am very excited to have someone doing the program with me. It will be nice to have a friend to carpool with, to study with, and complain to (because we all know that I WILL BE DOING THAT!).

After that we headed to my parents house to help them get the lights up. They have the coolest tress that play music and are choreographed with lights. We also set up about 15 deer and spiral trees. I will talk a video/picture of the yard this week and post it so you can see. They are really fun to watch.

After we got the yard decorated we went to dinner. That was nice to visit with the family. We headed home and did our traditional advent calendar. We sing a primary song/hymn, read a scripture, and add a piece to the nativity. It is a neat activity and the kids love it. We also read a holiday picture book. Tonight we read, "Mooseltoe".

Then I watched "Santa vs. The Snowman" in 3-D with the kids, read out of "Farmer Boy" for a few minutes to the family, and tucked the kids up. That brings me to now, where I am typing out my day for you. I better head as I have a paper still to write and math tests to correct.


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