Friday, December 05, 2008

Scouts, Cheer Camp, Christmas, and Life

Can we say TOO LONG! I apologize for being out of the loop for so long. Life is amazing these days. The fact that it is December doesn't help. This past week FLEW! I am excited to add a couple videos for your viewing pleasure. The first of my parents yard. They have these cool trees where the lights are choreographed to music. So Enjoy! The pictures below are the other features of their yards. (Yes, yards. They own a double lot. So the do a nativity on one side and a winter wonderland on the other.) It looks really neat. In the picture of the deer, you can't really tell, but it really looks like a field of deer grazing. You won't want to miss the moose either! It's just really cool.

Then my daughter was in a Junior Cheer Camp. They had a week long after school practice, and then they preformed Wed. night at a home boy's basketball game. She was stinking CUTE! I don't know how well you can see her in the video, but when she shakes her butt in the song, it just cracks me up! What a cute girl my little princess is!

Ian also in the last few weeks has been attending cub scouts. We got to go to his first pack meeting. How fun to watch him get his first awards. Below is a picture of him with those awards.

What a cute kid he is! He is doing so well in school and in being a big brother. His mother and I are very proud of him!

My baby boy hasn't been feeling well. We found out today that he has double ear infections and eye infections. Here is a funny picture of him. He was trying to get in to his walker to play with the toys and somehow got a little turned around. He was grunting and whining, but I was working at the computer and didn't turn around for a while. What a patient little kid. I love the picture though!

That leaves my middle son. What a silly boy he is. Very feisty and sure of himself. He is such a sweetheart when he wants to be, but can also be a little mischief maker at times. We couldn't make it without our little bug though. He can always make us smile, and we are grateful for that. This picture is of him doing his air quotes when he asked for a bag of "cereal". Cracked me up!

Thursday was our ward Christmas party. The couple in charge did an awesome job. Everyone brought presents for a project our ward is doing (we are collecting gifts for the Native Americans in South-Eastern Utah), had quilts to tie (My 5 yr. old daughter really loved doing that), and a wonderful dinner. It was nice to visit with some of my students and other ward members and friends.

I can't believe that it is almost Christmas. School has been going really well. I have such a great class this year. We have had some trials, that's for sure, but overall, they are tops. They are always giving my high-fives and wanting hugs (no thank you!). I hope they continue to see how wonderful they are and what they are capable of doing.
I am going to sign off for now. My wife is doing a boutique tomorrow in Orem with her scrapped word and frames. If anyone reading is interested in something, let us know. I am trying to talk her into doing a website, but, as she said, and I agree, she doesn't want it to be her life. We have to leave really early and will get back pretty late. It should be a good day. I hope she does super well.




  1. Hey where is the cheer camp video? I don't see it on here. Glad you guys are doing good!

  2. Sucks - sorry I had to post my comment twice and lost what I originally posted. Cute all around.

    (I had said something about hugs at school - my daughter does it all the time. We can be at a store and she'll see someone she knows and just go hug them. I'm always inquiring who that was or where she knows them from. Most folks she hugs are from the church she goes to. There are teachers she still hugs when she sees them. I guess the advantage of small town; everyone knows everyone else and we have a low crime rate.)

    Yes it is almost the end of the year. Where did the time go? We will be sitting here soon wishing it were time for the kids to go back to school and then right around that corner, we will be sitting here wishing Christmas break were here already. The cycle of being a parent or a teacher.

    Keep up the good job - see you in the postings and in class - E :)


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