Friday, December 19, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Today was the first day in three days we haven't woke up to snow falling. I love snow. It is beautiful and pure. The kids were able to go out today and play as it has warmed up a little bit.

This is what they created:

I love it.

Here is a great picture of my two oldest cuties!

And next in the news is a most exciting development to say the least. Our baby has achieved a new status in our house. Here is the video as proof- the little stinker!

Well, it was bound to happen someday! :)

On a school note,

Time is simply a blur these days. School is going well. I have had my students do "Elf-ometry" where they followed directions to cut out geometric shapes and then glue them together to make Santa or an elf. It took much longer than I thought it would, and the kids really struggled with following the directions. It was almost frustrating.

I have also had them doing old-fashioned art projects. For example a 3-D picture of Santa, where it is a picture frame of housetops and Santa pops off the page. The kids liked it and most of the teachers at the school have commented on cool it was. I can't say that I am sorry there is a two week break coming up. The kids need a break, and I would like the time to get my room and curriculum back in order. We will have to hit math and science pretty hard when we get back from break. But I will worry about that later.

Tomorrow we have to leave early for my family Christmas party up North. We will be gone most of the day. Then it is home and back to the fray. Monday will be a adventure as we have Monday and 1/2 day Tuesday to live through until break.

My wife and I have a date. It is couples BUNKO night. Each year her BUNKO group does a couples night around Christmas. Fun stuff. :)

I better get back to Masters Applications, District Homework, and grading Christmas Writing Projects.



  1. Allisha told me about Micah. That is too funny. Well now nothing really is safe. He will be fun to put to bed when he doesn't want to go. I don't look forward to that myself :) Yea Christmas Break!

  2. I so love the snow!! I hope that it keeps up! It is so beautiful & it makes things seem more magical. Hope that you guys have a VERY merry christmas.

  3. I love the mini snowman. Your youngun climbing out of the playpen that is funny. My oldest knew how to take himself out of a carseat at an early age, even belted to the hilt. Of course he walked before he ever crawled and was speaking full sentences well before most kids his age were, so I guess that was expected.

    I hope you guys get the packages I sent you and that you have a great break and good Christmas. See you in the postings.

    PS - check out my blog for a fabulous award nomination to your blog - sorry - couldn't help it. E :)


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