Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Masters Degree- Is the Application Process Worth It?

Can I just say HOLY CRAP!

I been working through the application process for getting my Masters of Administration. Talk about a paperwork nightmare. I finally got the graduate school application completed (which required official transcripts from all three colleges I have attended and of course and application fee- because typing my name in to the automated system is pricey it would seem).
Now, I am working to get my department application completed and returned. This one is a bit more tricky. It requires proof that I am a current teacher (sent in the information I THINK they needed for that. Still waiting on the e-mail), 3+ letters of recommendation (using their form- and I do have 3 people that have said they have returned them- Hope they were nice and positive and stuff), the first application (Check- YES! Three of the four parts actually done!), and now, the nightmare part: 5, yes FIVE, darn ESSAYS! I know. It shouldn't seem that hard, but I am worried they won't be what they want and I won't be admitted to the program. That would be disastrous. I am actually taking a break from them right this very second. I needed a moment to share my overwhelemedness (Is that even a word? ha ha)So, a little on the stressed side, but managing.

On a different note, school has been a crazy zoo this week. I tell you what, 6th graders seem to be like first graders around the holiday season. I think I have the coolest class in the world, but they sure are hyped up for the holidays. I am really trying to go with the flow, but when you have LOTS o' Curriculum that needs to be taught, it is a might frustrating to see all the learning time dominated with comments like, "Please quite down" and "6th Grade, can we get back on task please?!?!". :) Good thing I love'em to pieces.

Well, I guess I should get back on task as well. These essays won't write themselves, unfortunately. I can do it...I can do it... I can do it...

Oh, and Heidi, I don't know- Did YOU egg Mr. McConkie's House? LOL



  1. I have faith in you too. Masters of Administration - does that mean you are hoping to be a principal one day and not teach in a classroom? Good luck with it all. I know it seems overwhelming now but in the end it will definitely be worth it. Talk soon - E :)

  2. OK- you know that "I" didn't egg anyone's house!!! Had my Dad found out, I would have been shot!!! I think it was Adam and Brad???!


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