Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hello All,
I am just exhausted. I think that it is both mentally and physically. Today was one of those days when I wanted to set down my teacher certificate, and walk away from the profession. I love my students. All of them. They are all amazing young people. The problem I see is that education is more and more becoming devalued. I know kids that don't see the importance of being able to do math. "I can just use a calculator!". True. But not always, and don't you want to know HOW to do it? I was glancing at an article that was talking about how technology has influenced kids. Reading, which is a major part of logical reasoning and creativity, is being replaced with video games and other devices. Kids are so used to splitting their attention between two things, that they are losing the ability to process and retain. It was an interesting article. Actually, I think I will link to it so you can read it your self. Go HERE. I found it quite eye-opening. I know that this feeling of failure will pass. I HAVE to keep going. Not only is my job, but I truly want for the kids in my class to be somebody. To have skills! To be successful! And dang it, they will!

I do have to mention one bright spot in the day. Writing workshop was fun today. Mrs. E, (from the book tour I hosted), was with us today. We did a quick write today and then looked at other students samples of work. The kids really got into revising (or at least making suggestions that the author of the papers could have used TO revise.)

I really like it very much. My wife has her BUNKO club tonight so I better sign off and get busy helping with dinner and kids.



  1. One reason I couldn't be a teacher in the sense you are. When I was younger, folks kept telling me I should be a teacher. I never had the drive to be a teacher, standing in a class all day and seeing the same faces day in and day out and really feeling under appreciated and under paid for something that should be a very rewarding field.

    I haven't looked at the article yet but I can see why kids don't learn or retain as much as they should. Their parents give them every electronic gadget that comes out (Wii, playstation, nintendo, cell phones, computers, et cetera) and they don't think how the technology is truly taking away from developing their minds. My kids just got their cell phones last year and they are teenagers. Just recently did my husband add unlimited texting to their plan since they were on the phone so much and going over their minutes. It drives me nuts when they are in my area watching TV and their phones buzz when a new message comes in.

    What drives me crazy is that the parents who dote on their kids think this is making their life easier. But parenting is work and it's hard work and if done at least half way correctly - shaping their minds, making the kids work for what they get, then in the long run, their lives will be easier but we don't see that until the kids have grown up and have kids of their own.

    Hang in there, a break should be coming up soon and you can get refreshed and be back at it with full enthusiasm as you enjoy this job. E :)

  2. I'm sorry, I do know how you feel in a small way. Just remember that no matter how they act there, you are still having an eternal influence on them. You are an amazing person. That you are an incredible teacher is a bonus!:) I love you.
    Have a great Friday!
    ps...get on messenger more!!!


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