Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Truly Fulfilling Day

I have to say that today was one of the most rewarding days I have had in a very long time. It wasn't a day spent on me or thinking about me (probably a good reason WHY it was fulfilling!)

The morning started with a great breakfast as a family. It was fun to sit at the table with my four precious babies. After which I got to pretend to be handy. I stripped the old, moldy caulk from our shower, cleaned it up, and then re-caulked it. I even put the monthly clog remover in all the sinks and took care of that. After that, I washed windows and helped clean the keys on our piano (when the rag turns black, you know that it was WAY PAST time to clean those! :) ) In the midst of all that my wife taught a piano lesson and I taught 3 voice lessons. What I WISH I COULD teach (if someone was interested around here) is composition lessons. Anyways, that was nice. I have great students and they really brighten my day each time I get to work with them. I guess I just LOVE music!

Anyways, after all the lessons and inside work was underway, I went out and got to work on the list of projects that we have wanted to complete. It was nice to be in the fresh air. I was able to spray ground killer on all the weeds in the vacant lot next door. I also was able to manicure our front flower bed and tame the psycho-out of control ground cover. It was weird. It felt like I was giving the flower bed a hair cut. It sure turned out nice. I was also able to catch my parents while they were still in a store out of town and have them get us new solar lights for the flower bed as well. Ours were all cracked and broken.

But even before I tackled that project, I was under the house running an extension cord from a plug under the house to the side where we will be running our irrigation pump from. Now we won't have to run a cord in the house through a window anymore! YEA! Although, being under the house is NOT my favorite. After the flower beds, I got out our water pump and pulled it apart, cleaned it, and reassembled it (the whole time hoping for dear life that it would run again!). We connected it to the water supply and watered the whole yard (I guess I could say that i used our blower and blew all the leaves and weeds and leaves out of our yard before we watered).

By the time that we finished watering and enjoying the sun, my parents pulled up and surprised with a enormous swing set for the kids. It has 7 stations. It is going to be awesome (of course not the 8 hours it will take to put it together!!!) The kids are beyond excited. I will be happy they will have something to do in the backyard beside throw dirt in each other's hair.

We ran up to my parent's house after unloading the swing set so I could help my dad unload and assemble to new Lay-Z-Boy recliners they bought. They sure were comfortable to sit in! I also helped unload some other items with my dad, including his new Honda lawn mower (very jealous- but not about the cost of it) which means that I get the old one. It's the same one that I used when I had my lawn mowing business in high school- I raked in some serious cash during those years! I am glad to get the old beast as my lawnmower died on me last fall. :(

We headed home and had dinner. I got to experience the kids shower this evening as ours is still out of commission as the caulk dries and cures. That was nice. Heck, change of scenery! LOL

Dinner was great and from there the evening wound down. The two little boys were so tired from running and playing they were out quick! My wife and I took the time to play a game with the older two. That was really nice and fun to spend time with just those two. What sweethearts they are.

Well, I better get in bed. We are going swimming for my mother's birthday tomorrow (I guess it is technically today) over on the other side of the county in the new pool. We are meeting one of my sisters. It is going to be really relaxing and fun. I hope everyone else is finding a relaxing moment in their day too!


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  1. Hope the temperatures are okay to go swimming or that it's an indoor pool. We don't have much here for swimming purposes - sucks really. I used to enjoy swimming but so goes life.

    It sounds like you had a super busy day. You probably should have been the one who went to sleep first. - lol.

    I'm glad you are enjoying your break not that it really sounds like you are getting much of a break because you are really doing more than you normally do - lol - see you in the postings - E ;)


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