Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I am doing the happy dance right now- can you picture it? Well if you can't that's good because I am sure it would be REALLY ugly to see (I dance about as good as an elephant)! 5, FIVE, 1-2-3-4-5, glorious days of freedom (from school) and the chance to catch up on a TON of honey-do items. Thrown in with some: Swimming (I have strong feelings against it, but it IS my mom's birthday, so I will do along with it), BBQ with some friends, visiting my sister, catching up on school projects, and lots of yard work! I am looking forward to all of it.

Today was our Spring Celebration (a.k.a Easter Party). I have a really awesome parent volunteer who has done an outstanding job do my class parties. What a godsend she is! Thank you so much Michelle! The kids were SO ready to be done with school. I had to take a timeout and regain my perspective. When you feel like you want to walk out the door and head on down the principal's office and say, "I am quitting now. Good luck!" as you head on out the door, it is time to rethink where you are at. I did, and I am feeling much better. I had a candid conversation with the class about why things as so different. They said they are bored with the same routine. I found that strange. Every education book I have read says kids "crave" routine. Apparently they don't know this class. :) So, we had a good discussion on how all the things we do each day DO need to be done, and I will work to use more variety to teach them. Maybe that is the root of the whole problem. I look forward to trying a shift in the schedule to see if that helps things out. I am sure I will keep you posted!

I better go. I had a voice lesson that didn't show, so I am going to walk down to the church for my oldest son's pack meeting.



  1. Took some time to finally send a blog. Thanks for the "reminder" to get on the writing. I just read your note here and thought to myself that the same about the ol' routine and how it affects the classroom. I'm a believer in keeping things a little unpredictable although having said that... I can do a much better job doing it. I look forward to hearing how you're going to change things up a little... be zany and see what happens!

  2. Me too - lol - I thought you were doing variety in your lessons and all - but well I guess I'll find out after spring break - enjoy - E :)


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