Thursday, May 21, 2009

Can You Get On?

Dear readers, it seems that my blog is having melt down. If you use IE (Internet Explorer), you are most likely getting a message about IE can't load the website. If you use Mozilla Firefox it works fine. I don't know what is causing the problem. But I hope to figure that out soon. Please stay tuned for more updates.

Had my first session of my second class today. It should be good. I am excited to go through these classes and learn about leadership. I also got my first assignment back from the 1st class. I had positive comments on it. That makes me happy. Now, after 10:30 tomorrow (when school lets out for the summer) I can get down to serious reading and studying. (I was able to move most of my classroom in to the hall so I can get new carpet- that has been quite the adventure. I hate seeing all my classroom "junk" stacked in the hallway for everyone to see. It's embarrassing.

Oh well. I better go. It's late again and I have to still figure out a few awards to give out tomorrow.


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  1. Hey Hooray, I finally got on here. I tried last night after I talked to Allisha, and I couldn't again. So it seems kinda touch and go. I was gonna tell you though a while ago I clicked onto your blog from the link on mine, and all of the sudden about 20 IE pages popped up and I couldn't get them to close, so I had to restart my computer without shutting them down first. I don't know how it would work but maybe there is a bug on your site or something. Don't know though.

    On another note... School's Out! Hooray for you, that is nice to have a break, oh wait, you aern't having a break you are starting your masters. Well relax a little anyways and Congrats for making it through another school year. Hope you get your blog figured out. Love you guys!


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