Thursday, June 25, 2009

Deck AHOY!

Well, yesterday my father and I started building out 4' x 8' deck with 4' wide stairs and after 13 hours we almost completed the project. It turned out SO amazing. My wife is mucho pleased as she has been wanting that done for a long time. The scary part was a we went to disassemble the current stairs, the stair boards just lifted off. The stringer was also broken. I am so surprised that someone has not had a serious accident on those old stairs. The new stairs however are AWESOME! They have toe-kicks so your foot won't get stuck under a step causing you to fall, and the deck itself is big enough to feel spacious, but not so big as to overtake the patio below. I was so exhausted (it was well over 90 degrees yesterday) that I feel asleep when I was supposed to be watching a movie with my munchkins. Only thing left to do now if finish the patio out back. Now that the deck

Then at 2:30am this morning, I awoke (temp. still around 75 degrees- yuck) to thunder. We had left car windows down and our canopy up in the back yard so my wife and I jumped out of bed and got the windows up and the canopy off the frame. I never really slept well as it was so hot!

My father returned this morning at 7am and we finished the steps. So the deck is officially done! YIPPEEE! Now if I could just get my shed up and done we could move ALL the crap we have n storage into it and not have to drive to the storage shed every time my wife needs to get out the bigger kid clothes. (Love you dear!)

Tonight I am doing the 30 minute presentation with Ms. D and I will be glad when it is done. In fact as soon as I done typing this post I have to read over my part of the presentation and make notes so I know exactly what we were trying to say with each slide. Our teacher has already looked at the slides and commented that they looked nice. And shockingly enough, I also have over 50 pages still to read before 3pm today. We'll see. I can only do what I can do.

Guess that is about the extent. I have have also given a voice lesson this morning and now I need to sign off and get to work on my classwork. I have either a 3 or 4 page paper due Tuesday (I can choose which to do first) and NO PAPER Thursday! Tonight I will type my last reflective journal entry and e-mail that in. Next week is, I believe, the last week of classes! I am SO ready to have a summer :).

Well, best go. I will try to get a picture of the deck on here soon.


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  1. Awesome job - I know you will be ready for a "summer" but it will be almost over by the time you get through with classes and the new baby gets here that you won't have much time to spend with the munchkins as school will start soon after that. Before school starts, maybe we can work on some lesson plans for the writing workshop course so we are prepared - talk soon - E :)


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