Monday, June 22, 2009


Ok, where did the time go?

I wrote on Thursday and warned of a pending trip that was going to kill us financially. Well, that wasn't quite the case, however it WAS pretty expensive. We left Friday around noon and made it to Junction around 2pm. We spent almost 2.5 hours at Sutherland's waiting for all the wood to be loaded on my father's trailer. I am excited, however, I hope anyone with carpenter skills in town will be willing to come and help me get it built. That's the tough part. I have no power tools not to mention no clue of how to build it. This is where you hope and pray friends like you enough to help.

After Sutherland's we headed to Home Depot. There we purchased a sizable amount of materials to build an small deck and new stairs off the back of the house. The current stairs are getting very dangerous. The deck and stairs project is going to have to be started quite soon. I don't want to find my 8 month pregnant wife laying unconscious at the bottom of them.

From there we made it to Wal-Mart (The church of the Devil) and Sam's (ditto). At Sam's we were able to acquire a picnic table that will seat 8 and also folds flat for storage. (We love it very much and have used it every day since we got it. I finally have space to spread out all my articles and reading assignments from class when I am writing my papers).

Sunday was Father's Day. Happy late Father's Day to any and all fathers who read this blog. It was a great day. My wife made me the most amazing book. She used clear hard plastic for the pages and had the kids make hand prints on a page (which she covered with some way cool clear rubber-stuff) and the kids wrote notes and drew pictures. This description isn't any where near acceptable for what I got. Thanks babe! I will treasure that one ALWAYS!

Today, Monday, was okay. I woke at 6:30 and headed out to start moving a huge pile or retaining wall bricks from one side of the yard to the other. (They are currently stacked where we are planning to build our shed- and thus must be moved to the other side of the yard where my in-laws have put their shed for us to watch for them. Not much fun, especially when there are an enormous variety of spiders that have taken up residence there. I got about 1/2 the pile done this morning during my 20+ minutes of exercise time. Oh yes, which reminds me, I have had to stop walking in the mornings due to horrible pain in my lower legs. It feels like they are cramping. My wife thinks I have shin-splints. I looked those up. OUCH! I don't totally think I do, but it is something similar. So the yard work is the new substitute. Just fine with me!

I am proud to report that I received two A's on papers today. That makes me a little less stressed. Saturday I spent 14 hours at the elementary school with Ms. D working on our group presentation. That was C-R-A-Z-Y!!! We got the project done despite the fact that the power went out twice and we had 100 pages of text to condense into a 20 minute presentation and a 3 page paper that HAD to have a crap load of citations in it.

After 3.5 hours today, I completed my second and final case study. I am currently waiting for the teacher to edit it for content and send it back for revision.

Well, I am exhausted. I watered all the flower beds, trimmed and mowed the lawn, watered the garden, and read almost ALL of the reading for tomorrow's class. I am thankful these classes are almost over. I love what we are learning, but I can't handle the reading and paper writing load for much longer. I just want to be a dad again and spend TONS of time with my kids! Not to mention get all my belongings BACK into my classroom (if they ever get the carpet done!)

I best get to bed, it is late and 6:30am will come VERY quickly!


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  1. Good luck with finding folks to help you build the shed. My son just finished one for a friend of his and supposedly started on one for my dad yesterday. Now I'm talking major shed - measuring something like 16 x 24 and will be a double decker thing from what he described. I mean the thing will be big enough to live in - lol - just put a working bathroom in there and separate rooms for living and sleeping and you have a new house - lol.

    I'll see if I can get some pointers from him for you.

    Home Depot usually carries project designs (blueprints and instructions) of things like this - you may want to go online and search for some printable instructions of how to build a shed or something - just thinking out loud here.

    YAY on your A's. You are doing very good in the classes and now that you are more than half over, the stress should be diminishing by better than half. Talk soon - E :)


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