Thursday, June 18, 2009

Danger Will Robinson...


YOU: Again?

ME: I know, I know.

YOU: There goes Mr. Hughes again, whining about his Master's classes. If you can't handle them, why don't you just quit the program?

ME: Well... Good Question!

YOU: Really?

ME: No, silly.

Ok, enough of this weird conversation with myself, pretending you are there. Anyways...

Tonight's class was okay. The part that is creating the "danger will robinson" tag is an over abundance of assignments that are going to start coming due. I have a 5 page paper next Thursday. Also due that day is a 3 page group paper and 30 minute presentation on an assigned book (which I have already read- YEA!). I also have a 1 page paper due in my Tuesday class. The nice apart this next week being over will be that a majority of the big assignments done. Okay, not really. I will still have two 3 page papers due AND a final in one class. YUCKY! I so need these classes to be over. I guess the upside, is in two weeks they will be over AND I will only have one more summer to work through. So that is the up side.

Tomorrow is going to be a nice day. We are heading out in the afternoon to go and purchase something my wife had been waiting for for almost 3 years. We are finally buying a storage shed. It will be a 12' x 20' building. Of course we will have to assemble it (SO not my forte, but I think I have enough friends to help me get it done.) We are also buying materials to add a 4ft deck and new stairs off the back of the house. And we are buying materials to put wood tops on all of our bench forms. This will KILL out savings account, but we have waited for so long that it is time.

We had an amazing rain storm today. Lightning and rain galore. Of course I watered my lawn this morning, so that was the magnet for the clouds. But it has sure cooled off the evening air. I guess I better go. I have a 1 page reflection paper from tonight's class. Forgot about that!

Well, take care. I will give you an update of our shopping experience and how that turns out. I hope to be reporting good news.



  1. You had me laughing - I could just see you sitting there thinking about what to write for this posting.

    But 3 page papers and 5 page papers are not really that much - considering most papers are double spaced, typed - and that is only about 750 words to 1500 words (pushing that hard part) and that isn't even a decent short story. Flash fiction maybe but not short story. I can't even write my stories in 1500 words. So think of it in a different way - instead of dreading how much work there is to be done - assignment wise, make it fun and think - what a breeze - I can pump out 1500 words in an hour - then, hit me up for a war and we will we see how far you get - an hour - at least 1000 words typed up - shouldn't be too hard - Word Wars - means we both benefit from it -

    I know you will do fine, with or without the word war - talk soon - E :)

  2. Yuck. 3 pages, 10 pages, 1/2 a page. It is all the same to me. I wouldn't want to do it...I guess that is why I am one of the few people in the world (it seems like all my friends are doing it) NOT taking master's classes...and by the way, NO ONE is making it seem like very much fun! :) The good thing is, I KNOW JOHN HUGHES CAN DO IT! He can do ANYTHING! Send our love to your wife and kids!


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