Monday, June 15, 2009

Kodak Printers SUCK!

I know- pretty harsh statement, but I have had it with my printer. I am trying to print in draft and every time, regardless of what I select, it prints in normal or high quality, IN COLOR! I have tried different setting, creating profiles, setting defaults, etc. I HATE IT! MUCH MORE THAN I CAN SAY AT THIS MOMENT! We haven't hardly owned it a year and we have spent more on ink than with any other printer we have ever owned. I guess they sucked us in on the low ink price, they just simply forgot to tell us that we would be buying ink every other month to do less printing. BEWARE- DO NOT PURCHASE A KODAK PRINTER- THEY ARE NOT WORTH THE MONEY! I guess I will just add them to the list of business I recommend people not support. I think I will add a side bar widget with that list. Ya know, the Mr. Hughes Hates these companies list. Probably some legal issue with that, but I am going to try it until I am told I have to change it, and since I have such a worldwide readership, I should be fine for many, many year! LOL

Today has been great. I was up until after 1 am finishing another paper for my classes. Writing for Dr. Johnson makes me extremely nervous. I did complete my 3 page summary and critique of Parker J. Palmer's The Courage to Teach. It was a good book (remember I was cheering for having finished it the other day?). I sent it off around 1:10am I think, and got the grading back today. I got an "A" on it. That was comforting to me, and Dr. Johnson was very kind in his comments. I guess I need to relax A LOT in my writing for him. I am doing fine! Yesterday I also finished my Mid-Term in my other class. We had to read a case study and then write a 5-10 page paper analyzing it (this was similar to the case study I had to write and then analyze). I feel very confident in that paper. I enjoyed writing it very much. I am a little anxious to see what grade I get on it. I guess I am stressing over grades more than usual (ok, maybe not, I just stress over everything!) because if I don't receive a "B" or higher in the class, I won't get reimbursed by the district, and I HAVE TO BE!!!! Anyways, lots of reading left to do tonight and tomorrow for tomorrow's class. But, we are past mid-term! YIPPEEEEEEE! I don't hate the classes, I just need a break before school starts again. I am also hoping that the carpet will be laid soon in my classroom so I can start putting it back together. That will be all sorts of fun! ok, not really, but it will be nice to rearrange my room. It is time for a change! :)

Friday we are going to Junction to get our shed & new mini-deck/stairs materials so I can get started on those. We are also hoping to buy a collapsible picnic table at Sam's ($119- not bad for a 6ft heavy duty picnic table that folds down for storage!).

We had lunch at the park today and then headed to the elementary school so I could practice baseball with my oldest son for while. Z practiced his t-ball and my little missy-moo practiced "coach pitch" with my wife. Z and Missy Moo are going to play in July in a little city group. They wanted to start practicing like their big brother. We ended our practice with a family game of t-ball. Man, my more wife trying to run to a base being 8 months pregnant was interesting. She did great though! It got so hot that we had to quit and come home. We watched the end of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and started "Willow" (that is one strange movie- I haven't watched it in YEARS!) My oldest boy had to be at b-ball practice at 4:30 so we stopped the movie and dropped him off, headed to the store, and then went and used my parent's shade trees to wait for my oldest to be done. Now we are home waiting for dinner to be done. We are having yummy french-bread pizza and fresh salad with radishes from our garden.

Well, back to the grind of reading...


P.S. Like my new background? I was forced to change it- When I opened my blog today, the background was a million little logo's that said "Bandwidth exceeded". This one is much more attractive anyways, if I do say so myself! :)


  1. I'll join you in not recommending Kodak to anyone ever - never ever in my lifetime or anyone else's. I have you beat on printing though. I have had my printer for about 3 months and have had to purchase ink cartridges every two weeks (a black and a combo pack) and have gone through almost 20 full cartridges in that time). I finally had it with them and told them to take it back and give me a full refund (that is still pending). I will take action if they don't. I bought an HP Officejet 6500 at Staples yesterday (on sale for $119.98) and the cartridges are so small - but the quality of print is fantastic. Join me in the crusade against Kodak and demand your money back. Tell them that no matter what you are doing it is a piece of crap.

    Anyway - kudos for the grades and keep up the good work. Sounds like fun days with your family. It will change soon though - in about a month or so - when that new baby gets here - it will be harder to get away - lol - enjoy that - (glad it's not me - I couldn't handle another kid right now).

    Talk soon - E :)

  2. Hi Loves!
    Glad your classes are going well. I am so proud of you. You truly are amazing, all the things you handle in your life.
    As far as the should buy an HP All in one.(Like dads and mine) They are great, and I only have to buy ink every 3-4 months when I print A-LOT or every 6-8 months when I am not using it a lot (like right now). Tell your sweetie hi and give your kidos loves for me. Talk to you soon!

  3. Coralie, I broke down and got an HP Officejet 6500 last week and haven't purchased any extra ink yet but am going to need to get the black soon. I've actually gotten way more off the starter ink pack than I ever did with my Kodak printer, so needless to say, I'm happy. The only thing I don't really like is when the printer goes to energy saving mode - it goes through this whole process of making sure everyone knows it is going to sleep until needed further (read as makes a ton of noise - lots of churning things going on) - lol.

    Print quality is much better and it holds more paper in the paper tray and I've already done double sided printing and it didn't mess up by pulling more pages than it should have to print the second side (that is once I figured out what the heck I was doing to get it printed on double sides - I ended up printing out three times because the screen with the instrucions on what to do popped up while I was in the middle of something and so my keystroke hit the continue without me realizing it and so it printed on one side both those times and the third time I figured it out - I saw the screen pop up and waited for the first side of the booklet to complete and then followed the instructions and viola - I had a double sided printed booklet to read for review. I would never have gotten that much with the Kodak starter pack - in fact I know I didn't -lol.

    See you all in the postings - E :)


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