Friday, June 12, 2009

Did You Know...

I found this video while I was reading a magazine. It is a great one to read and think about. I guess sometimes we forget how fast the world is changing and that sometimes America isn't always the top of the heap. I guess this was a real wake up call to me as a teacher that I need to really rethink how I teach. I guess I have worked to make some changes already, but I see now that I have a very long road ahead of me to help my students be ready to contribute to our global economy. Feel free to leave your thoughts about the show. I am interested to see what you think as well. What changes do YOU feel we need in public education based on this movie? Chime in- Don't be bashful!

(Sometimes it takes a minute to load and play- please be patient! :) It's worth it, I promise!- If it won't play- Click HERE)

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  1. Those are scary numbers - to think we are pushing our kids to go into fields that will be so far beyond comprehending by the time they graduate college. I can see some of the technology that doesn't exist today being depicted on TV shows like CSI and Numbers and other shows that use clear boards and things where they just are pressing stuff on screens that are not really there. Sci-Fi coming to reality - that's what the technological advances are doing for us. Anyway - thanks for sharing this with us. Very interesting and scary. E :)


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