Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Mid-Term!!!

YES!!! The completion of tonight's class brings me to the mid-term of both classes. Of course with that comes the mid-term assignments. For one class it is simply a 3 page paper on a book we are to have read (which, by the way, I have completed). I didn't get by as easily with tonight's class. We were given a 13 page case study and have to read and analyze it in a 5-10 page paper. I don't think that will be too bad. I have already got 1 page of the 3 page paper done, and have already read a couple of pages in the 13 page case study. I did get an A on my 5 page paper as well.

Tonight was also my son's little league game. It worked out great as my class got out an hour early and his game started at 8pm instead of 6pm because it was a "night" game. I got to watch the entire game. He did SO well. He caught a fly ball in the outfield, got to pitch several time, got an out, and got a run. It was the best game of the season for him by far. All those afternoon one-on-one practice sessions at the elementary school have sure paid off. I am so proud of him.

Today was a rough day, however. I got up and went for my walk. That was an okay part. When I got home, I went to turn on the water for the pump and broke the valve. Then I noticed that the sealer tape was coming off the window for the air conditioner. Went to my shed to get some tape for the hose that had sprung a leak and about got killed by the bikes my son had stuffed in the doorway. Got the water started and checked the garden to find that a squash bug was trying to make it self at home. (See past posts for squash bugs- last year was NOT pretty). I tell you what. That was not my favorite morning.

The afternoon went much better. We had lunch at the park (though today's menu didn't interest the kids much). I also read over 90 pages (and enjoyed them).

That brings us full circle back to my classes that started at 4:00 and went until 8 pm.

All-in-all a productive and crazy day. It didn't help that it rained off and on and was sunny and then cloudy all day long. Just a strange experience.


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  1. It's hard to hear the words "mid term" from a friend, an adult - lol who teaches school and should be using that term for the kids he teaches - lol. You will do fine and hopefully the rest of the time in these courses will fly by and you will make the expected grades you need to be reimbursed. Keep up the good work and tell that boy of yours to put his bikes away properly - lol - see you in the postings - E :)


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