Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Baby Boy is Here!

On July 20th, @ 4:22pm our little bundle of joy arrived. E.J. (not putting his full name on-line- sorry). He weighs 10lbs 4 oz and was 21 inches long. He is a big boy and we love every square inch of him. He is quite the little chunk and usually content. But, he does fuss when hungry (etc. etc.) What I love about him is while he is sleeping he coos and whines. It is very cute. (These aren't my favorite pictures, but we can't get any of the others off my camera tonight).

We made it home around 7pm today. My adventure at the hospital included laying on the couch in the hospital room and wishing to die (had the 24 hour flu?!?!?) I didn't even know if I was going to be able to drive my wife and newborn home. I slept for almost 12 hours straight. I feel so bad that I wasn't able to help my wife when she really needed it. I did get us home safely, and I am almost feeling like a real person again. Still a little dizzy, but no nausea (YEA!). I have only got to hold our baby once since I haven't felt well, and I am really ready to love him, but I will wait.

It's funny (almost) how my life always has to have an adventure attached to every event that happens. When we left, our daughter was sick. While we were gone, our oldest got it and then our baby (at the time) boy got it. I have had it. Our middle child informed us "I am not getting sick!", and I hope that that is true. Thankfully we have some wonderful grandparents that have really earned the title this week. My wife's mother is staying until Thursday. I am so thankful. My mom watched the kids on Monday, bless her heart. What wonderful people. Love both you ladies!

It strange to hear the infant cries in our home again, especially knowing that this will be our last child. That is a whole other post on its own. I think that due to tired children that have missed their mommy and daddy I will sign off for the night and give them my attention. I am sure there will be many, many posts to come in coming weeks!



  1. Congrats and thanks for posting a couple of pictures. I know you are a proud daddy. But I'm surprised they didn't give you fluids and antibiotics while you were at the hospital. You definitely don't need a newborn getting sick. I'm glad you are hme and feeling better.

    See you in the postings - E :)

  2. he is sooooooooooo cute! I love all that hair:) I hope the whole gang is over being sick. Keep us updated and get better soon!

  3. Oh my gosh! What a big boy! That is so awesome! I am glad that Mommy and baby are doing good. Congratulations to you both on your new little boy. He is so cute. You have a beautiful family. Get feeling better John- that sounds terrible!

  4. Congrats John! He is adorable! Your going to have to install a fence to keep out all the lovesick girls and boys when your kids get older!

  5. Hey I was thinking about you and the kids getting sick. It reminds me of the Christmas before last. (Last one with the ex) Christmas Day my ex hubby got violently sick with the stomach flu and we ended up in the ER giving him 2 bags of IV fluids. Doctor looks at me and says your going to get it tomorrow. Of which I didnt think so becuz I felt fine but thankfully he added extra nausea pills with us when we left becuz I definitely got sick the next morning. It was supposedly just the stomach flu which is highly contagious. Ick.

  6. Congratulations! He looks like a "Hughes" baby! We miss you and hope that we will see you soon. Good luck with the start of school.

  7. Congrats Dear!!! He is beautiful. We are so excited to come and see you in a month. Hope you are all feeling better, and that everyone is sleeping (sometime) :)
    Love and miss you!


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