Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 3 (Life Just Isn't Fair...Sometimes)

Well, our little boy has been here for three days now. What a sweetheart he is. Not a great sleeper yet, but improving rapidly. Today is the day that grandma returns home and we are left to fend for ourselves (my poor children, I hope they like macaroni). Okay, so it isn't that bad, but has sure been a blessing to have my wife's mother here. She has been such a great support. My mom and dad have sure helped out too! My wife is feeling good, just very tired. She is such a great mommy!

Our little 4 year old came down sick last night. The poor kid. He is being a brave little trooper. We broke out the portable DVD player we got for Christmas and had never opened. So he has his little empire setup with a a player, sippy cup, and fan. Oh that life were so kind to me!

Last night I received some news. I think someone up stairs likes to play games with me. What is the news you ask????

Only this:
"Hope your summer is going well. I just wanted to drop you a quick reminder about the upcoming fall semester, which starts August 24th. I will be registering you all for classes again this semester starting next week, specifically the standard courses for your cohort, which are:
ELP 6310: Instructional Leadership I: Learning – Tuesday, 4:35pm-7:05pm
ELP 6010: Decision Making – Tuesday, 7:15pm-9:45pm"

Did you see that date? The 24th!!!! That is the first day of school! ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!! I can't believe this. I guess that means that I will REALLY need to be extra ready for the first couple of days. I can see how this will work out though. Spend the week teaching and every weekend reading and writing papers. I can hardly wait- NOT! I just hope that the assignments come a little less frequently and are a little more manageable.

I was planning to go to the school today and get some copying done and such, but realized that I have no clue where the books are that I need to copy from AND I don't have anywhere to store the copies I make. It is looking like the carpet will be coming early August, which is SO frustrating for me. I wish that for once they would START with our school instead of end with it every time something is done in this district! Ah, well. Such is the life of a complainer (that's me :)

I best get back to the daily routine of crazy kids and heat stroke (its been over 100 degrees everyday). Have a swell day! :)



  1. I hope you are running an air conditioner, especially with a new baby in the house. With everyone getting sick, you should probably have yourselves checked out but I know you only have a small clinic with a PA. But a physician's assistant has as much clout as a doctor does (they have as much schooling as a doctor and can do everything a doctor does, except one thing but I don't remember what right now). Hopefully it's not heat stroke.

    Wishing you all well - talk soon - E :)

  2. Just wanted to tell you I think my new great nephew is beautiful. Congrats and I love you!!


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