Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Little Boy is 7 Days Old!

Time is flying by. We already have a week old baby! He is growing so fast and doing good. He will sleep for 3-5 hours at night, which is nice. The challenging part lately for my wife and I is the fact that for the last few days the temperature hasn't dropped below 83 degrees, even at night. Talk about HOT! But, we have just started keeping the windows closed and the fans running.

The kids sure have taken a liking to our little one. Our 2 year old keeps telling us that it is his baby and then gives him lots of kisses. Our little Z wants to hold the baby non-stop and loves to sit and talk to him. The oldest two take every chance they can to hold his little fingers and tell them how much they love him. What a blessing children are.

Last night we spent the evening at my parent's house. It was nice to get out of the house and have a chance to visit. It was a beautiful evening and I really enjoyed being with my little family. Lately, I have felt very uptight and anxious. It is a side of me that I haven't had out in public for a while (at least since the end of school). I find myself being quickly frustrated and short tempered with my kids and even my wife. It really has nothing to do with them, rather this intense feeling of anxiety. I guess it has to do with the fact that I can't work in my classroom to start preparing things, I still have to put everything back IN my classroom, and with classes over, I don't really have a purpose. That is so like me. Whine about having lots to do and then whining because I have nothing to do. :) So typical.

I spent a large amount of time working on my class and school wiki. Check them out here: BCE456 and HughesClassroom. I would love to hear someones feedback on these sites. What you would like to see added or changed, etc.

Well, although it is Sunday, and we are all staying home from church (don't want to bring in more germs, especially where we are just getting better) I still have a lot to do. I need to get the water on the lawn. I keep hoping the cloudy skies will pour out a little water, but so far I have been disappointed. So out to the lawn I go. As the request of my sister-in-law, I hope to do a small photo shoot later today and get pictures that do our little one "justice" as she requested.


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