Saturday, August 01, 2009

I've Already Told, Now It Is Time To SHOW!!!

Okay, so here is the after pictures of all the projects I have been telling about. This first set is of the shelves I added to the pantry. I forgot to take the before pictures, but use your imagination. This space was occupied with small store bought plastic shelves with our food stuff stacked everywhere. I was very proud of myself for adding these shelves. It was much easier than I thought it would be.

So, I have to share this funny story. We have been buying boxes of Cheerios lately and the ones we have been buying have had this promotion of a cash card in the box. It is a 1 in 10 odds. We hadn't won anything in the 8 boxes we had opened. We bought 4 more boxes and I opened them after dinner. In the 10th box I found a silver packages at the bottom. Everyone came running. I felt like I was Charlie and had found the last golden ticket. We all guessed at what the value of the card would be. It was going to be $5, $10, or $25. You can see in the picture what we got! What a funny experience. Oh, and the last two boxes had nothing in them either.

Now, back to the tour. This picture if of our newly made fire pit area. The benches were just steel frames until the past Wednesday. They were my first project with all my new toys (power tools). Right after I took this picture I went to work staining and waterproofing them. They are a beautiful walnut brown now. We are excited to spend several fall nights enjoying a warm fire (too hot right now).

These are the axles from our house. We are planning to sell them. If anyone is interested let me know. Otherwise we are hauling them to a scrap metal yard. They aren't going to be FREE, but I think for $25 an axle I would part with them. Anyways, this isn't a sales pitch.

Okay, next stop. You can see the trim towards the top of the shed. We added those to the front AND back. And, even though you can't see it, we added a 1 x 2 and added it over the door. We are attempting to keep the rain out. It is the only place that leaks in the entire shed. I think this may have helped to fix the problem.

These next pictures are of my amazing work on the shelves. Please ignore all the junk that is filling them up, and just notice the shelves themselves. :) I am proud of the fact that this is ALL of our "stuff", including the house and our storage unit. We can see everything, and almost all of it is labeled. So we count it a victory. That was today's project. YEA!
Next stop back screen door. This was a Wednesday project as well. I wasn't planning on doing it that day, but heck, what a day. Of course the wind picked up and it had to rain a little to add to the mix. But we got it in. It had been wonderful as well as a challenge for the kids to remember they still have to shut the solid door when they go outside. Check. Another project down.

Last stop on our tour is the new location of the gate. I moved the fence out and around the shed. The yard looks so big and spacious now. We love it.

And that concludes the picture tour of our summer of projects. Thanks for coming along!



  1. Even with everything filling it up - it looks very spacious. About as big as the one my son and father are working on - I only know the dimensions to be 16 x 24 - what did yours measure again?

    I'm proud of you - soon we will be talking school stuff and not projects - lol - see you soon - E :)

  2. Glad that John couldn't do much at school this summer. The projects look great. where were you for our house this summer John. I got nothing done around here...oh well other summers I guess.


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