Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What a Crazy Last 4 Days...

Imagine my excitement when I walked out the door on Sunday afternoon to go to my parents house and noticed that the wind had split one of the trees in my front yard. One half was laying on my roof and the other was still standing. I called my brother and he came to my rescue. In the end, we had to cut the entire tree down. That was sad moment. Now all I have is a 4 foot stump in my yard on the one side.

Then, our kitchen light had stopped working on one side. A friend came and replaced the entire unit. Unfortunately he had to remove the frame around the light and in the process ended up ripping the sheetrock. It was fixable, but doesn't look as nice as it did. I am, however, thankful for his willingness to come and help us and he even brought an entire new light fixture. So that was Yesterday.

Today I was up and gone by 7am to the first day of a three day teacher conference. I am driving back and forth. This is CORE Academy, the same program that I was a presenter for last summer. It has been decent.

When I checked my classroom, I found that my new carpet was almost complete. YEA! That means that my next couple weeks will be spent in re-creating my classroom!

Well, I need to get on with other things. I had/have pictures that were supposed to go with all these events, but I just didn't have the time to get them on here. Maybe sometime later.


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  1. Whoa - that's scary that the tree was on your house and still standing. No roof damage I hope. Lights - don't even go there - I've had my share - but thankfully mine is just replacing those long tube bulb thingies - lol - not the whole light fixture. And yay!!! on the carpet of the classroom. I know you were hoping it would have been done by now - but maybe it won't take you too long to get the room back together. Catch you in chat soon - E :)

    PS - my secret word today is count - how funny - count the days, count the weeks, count whatever it is you need to count - lol


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