Friday, August 07, 2009

Houston, We Have LIft Off... Mostly

Mission Control...

I am happy to report that after a total of almost 8 hours, I almost have my room back in order. At least everything is out of the hallway and back in my classroom. Having a new closet in my room is very cool, but without shelves, it is looking a little junkie. Oh well. At least no one has to look at all the crap stacked in there. That is one of the frustrating things of being a teacher- We have to store many, many items that are used for one key lesson the entire year. But they are items I wouldn't give up.

After working in my classroom all day (thank you honey for helping), we headed to my parents. They have actually decided to come home for a few days before they head out again. My dad had to go with the ward bishop to attend a fireside so we bought pizza and ate dinner with my mom. It was nice to visit with her and catch up. We headed home around 9:00 to get the kids in pj's and read scriptures and have family prayer. Now we are finally just relaxing. We are heading back tomorrow to continue the work of getting everything settled in. Guess I will sign off. My little princess is wanting me to hold her. I can't pass this up since before I know it, she will be graduated and gone :(


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  1. Congrats John...I think my potable might be ready for me tomorrow... Yeah... Allisha????will you come help me too??


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