Wednesday, August 12, 2009

T-Minus 13 and counting

I can't believe another summer is coming to a close. I am pretty close to being ready for school preparation wise, but I still have some mental adjusting to do to be ready. Thanks to my wife I have been able to get everything ready much faster than normal. I am grateful I was able to get everything back into my classroom and get all my books better organized.

I forgot to tell you a funny story about my little Z when I was adding shelves to the pantry. I has trying to get a screw through the edge piece into the wall. Z was walking by the pantry door. I was grunting as I pushed on the power drill to get it. Suddenly I hear, "Be a man, dad!". I had to set down the drill I was laughing so hard. Man I love that little kid.

We had a great visit with my wife's sister and her family this evening. They were on their way home to Colorado and popped in for a visit. It was nice to see them again.

Tomorrow is going to be another day at the school. I really truly hope to have a majority of my planning done so I can enjoy the last few days of summer with my little family.

Well, it's late. I am heading to bed!


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  1. While there I hope you are including me in some of the planning - lol - I need a direction to go this year with the kids. I also need to get your opinion on something so really keep hoping you jump online early enough for me to chat with you. It won't be too long. My kids go back next Tuesday - the 18th - wooohoooo - I can't wait.

    I can't wait to jump in with your kids and teach them something I know a little bit about - lol -

    Hope all is going well with you - see you in the postings - E :)


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