Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Are All Okay, Except The Spider...

After the crazy winds today, our poor little (big) spider didn't make it. The wind blew it right over and messed up all the legs and body. It was quite sad. The temperature has been crazy the last few days. I am hoping that when I get up in the morning, early, to clean up the garden everything isn't frozen solid and that I don't freeze solid going outside.

I am also excited as we are going to go and visit my sister this weekend. It will be fun to get out of town and get away from things here.

Today at school was great. I took my 6th graders to the public library. The librarian was so sweet and wonderful. She had treats, she read them a story, and they got to check out books. We are planning on attending every other week. I am very excited for the kids to get the experience of being in public and learning to act appropriately. Not to mention it gets us out of the building every now and then.

I am really looking forward to this break. I can't wait to enjoy general conference on Saturday and Sunday and work in my room (getting caught up on all the things I have left to pile up) and spending time with my gorgeous wife and kiddos.

I received some very exciting news today, but I can not divulge it at this time. In the near future I will be authorized to discuss it at more length.  Let's just say I am mucho excited. Well, I have a few things I need to finish and I still have 25 minutes on my presentation video I am making, to finish. So,



  1. Sorry about the spider. I really loved seeing it everytime I passed your house.

  2. Awww sorry to hear about the spider. But you have it preserved forever in pictures. The weather here has been crazy too. I heard on the news last night or during the "what's coming up bits" that it snowed in the Rockies and was blowing some dastardly weather towards us - I don't like the S word being mentioned in September and what it could mean for us this weekend - none of that S stuff here thank you very much - lol -

    YAY!!!! - library trips. I hope this means that you all have your library cards now. I can't wait to get the kids their gifts. See you in the postings - E :


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