Thursday, October 01, 2009

Kodak Printers **Update**

We are purchasing a new printer this weekend, and since I had just invested a good chunk of money in the "miracle" Kodak printer, I felt the need to share my feelings with them. Here is my e-mail to them in all its glory!

To Whom It May Concern:
I just wanted to let you know of my beyond great disappointment with your product. Less than 1 year ago I bought your Kodak ESP-3 (Service Number (T164349) scanner/printer. We were excited to see that ink was less-expensive and that print quality was good. Then we setup and started using it. From day one it has been a piece of garbage. It prints off color, it doesn't print in draft mode, it goes through ink like water (and we are printing LESS than we did with our HP Printer). Now,  because it went through a color ink cartridge (after 5 pictures I might add) it wont  print even with a brand new black cartridge. We have already returned the extra black ink we purchased and we are planning to replace your defective and totally misleading printer. You have cured us of ever using a Kodak product again. I am not alone. Have you ever searched on-line for the key words- Kodak Printers Suck? Thousands of pages populate. Maybe you should stick to printing pictures and let real companies like HP make printers. Thanks for nothing!

Quite a masterpiece if I do say so myself! AND they even earned the honor of making it my Companies List (on the right side of this blog!)

Have a great day! I will as soon as I have a real printer again! :)


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