Monday, October 19, 2009

And The Kodak Saga Continues...

Today was an interesting day. I had my MyACCESS training today, only I didn't. It wasn't a training for regular teachers. So, the 4th grade teacher, who had already had some training, went through what she knew about it and we finished that by lunch. After lunch I worked with the 5th grade teacher and taught him the basics of It was a nice day. And my class...

well they were pretty well behaved. I am very proud of them. Only a few minor issues to deal with tomorrow. As for the Kodak update, Aprille made it back to work today. How do I know?

This is what she left as a comment for me:
Anonymous KodakAprille said...
John, Got your note and I'm headed straight to the product team - will keep you up to speed and try to get resolution ASAP. KodakAprille
Oct 19, 2009 3:05:00 PM
 ******************************  Yet another contact by Kodak!
So Dear Readers,
I hope that this means I will be getting some kind of compensation to make up for ALL the INK CARTRIDGES I have bought and ran out in 5-10 pictures. Not to mention the fact that the printer is so cheap and breakable. I really am curious to see how this all turns out! So far they get a few points for even taking the initiative to even contact me. Okay, 1 point! :)
I shall keep you all updated on this exciting adventure, as I want you all to see what kind of company Kodak turns out to be. I guess we shall all know in a few short days/weeks/months!


  1. I guess I didn't raise a big enough stink about my printer and the number of cartridges I bought in a 3-month period of time. I spent well over $200 in cartridges in less than three months - went through about 15 or more of them in that short a period of time. And the crappy paper pulling when trying to print on both sides (to save paper). I must have gone through about 5 reams of paper in a short period of time. I will not buy another Kodak printer and will think twice before purchasing any Kodak product. I have a printer sitting here if you want to take it back since it's just taking up space -

    Ms. Aprille, if you are reading this posting and make a comment, be aware that John isn't the only person complaining about your products. -

    See you in the postings - E :)

  2. I've owned two Kodak ESP printers for over a year now (one on my desk and one for a relative). Both worked flawlessly out of the box and ever since. They made great photos, and I've saved a bunch of money on ink relative to the two printers from other companies that they replaced. Interestingly, one of the printers I had to replace (an Epson) failed because of a small plastic part that broke, preventing proper paper feed. Sounds like Elysabeth just got a lemon; Kodak's tech support has been very helpful when I had questions on how to do something. I hope Elysabeth tried talking to them.

  3. Hmmmm....
    Photoguy, are you paid rep. for Kodak? This just sounds too good to be true. EVERYONE I know dislikes them greatly. But if not, congrats on the having a printer that works. As for me... Not so much!

  4. I did speak many times to tech support and always got the same BS from about 15 different people. Do you want to see my purchase history of how many cartridges I bought and having had the printhead replaced as well as several other things that still produced terrible results.

    Mr. Hughes has had his printer longer than I have and only getting 5 prints off a cartridge, if that, is not quality. I went through at least 5 reams of paper from all the screwed up printing when trying to print on both sides of paper - especially books and stuff like that.

    I had my printer for less than three months before I decided I had spent way too much on ink and needed something I wasn't running to town (taking my time from work, my gas, and all that) spending more and more money that I didn't have. I purchased my HP 6500 all-in-one and since purchasing I have used the starter black, and am on the second purchased one so far and the color cartridges - I'm on my second purchased set of them and they are still pretty full and I do a good bit of color printing for my books and activities to go with them.

    Do I think I got a lemon? You bet I do. Do I think Mr. Hughes got a lemon, sure he did too. Do I think every person who has complained about the Kodak ESPs got lemons? Yes. Without a doubt, every printer that Kodak makes is a lemon because that is how you get suckered in. You are told ink is cheap but guess what in the long run, you end up spending much more to keep the ink cartridges working. The minute the black runs out, you can't print until the cartridge is replaced. If one of the colors runs out, forget about doing anything. Now if spending $15 to replace a color cartridge that only has one color run out completely is a good idea, then you need your head examined. The printers are lemons and they don't hold a candle to other printers I've had. I had a lexmark for years and got more wear and tear from that than I did with the Kodak. I know one time after replacing my black ink, full color cartridge that I only got 50 pages printed out before I was out of black ink. Now I don't know about you, but 50 printed out sheets is not much on a full, brand-new cartridge. With my HP, I have gotten probably 300 to 500 prints on one cartridge. On my starter cartridge, I got more than I did with any Kodak cartridge.

    I think Mr. Hughes is right in believing you are a paid representative for Kodak since very few people I know who have had Kodak printers will endorse them. E :)


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