Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Door Monster!!

Okay, so check this out! I have one very talented and amazing wife. She saw this featured in one of her many magazines. We talked about it and decided it would be AWESOME to have for our front door. The magazine said to make it out of poster board, but we wanted it out of material so that it would last longer. After two days, a few setbacks, and some frustration here is the finished product! You go girl!

So, though I know you all want one, forget it! You can't. This is a A. Hughes Original.- lol
Actually I don't think she would make many more of them. I am just excited that we have the one for our house done.

Class tonight was okay. We have WiFi now so I can actually get some work done AND access things that our teacher is talking about. That is SO nice! Well, I am in charge of Faculty meeting tomorrow and it starts at 7:15am! Yuck! But such is life. Well off to bed I go!

Have a great night.



  1. I love the door & your right I want one. I just don't think I have the ambition to make it. Fatastic as usual, Alisha. I hope you guys are doing great. Does Alisha have a blog?

  2. It's kind of scary looking. I'd like something a little more friendly - like a ghost or witch (not scary looking one though) or a goblin. Allisha you did a great job. Thanks for sharing Mr. Hughes - see you in class - E ;)

  3. I LOVE IT!!!! You are right. It turned out great. Next year we will have to make one for our house. Hope you are doing well. Love and miss you!


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