Wednesday, October 21, 2009

KODAK SAGA UPDATE #3 (or #4, or something like that)

Here is what I got from them:

Hi Mr. Hughes, my name is Ricky Frazier of Customer Relations, Eastman Kodak and wanted to follow up concerning your ESP3 printer. First I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems. I wanted to know if you have the latest fw loaded on your computer. I also want to send you a set of ink cartridges (color and text) for your inconvenience. Please provide an address that I can send them to. Also if I can be of any other assistance concerning your ESP3 printer please let me know.


Ricky Frazier
Customer Relations Specialist
Worldwide Customer Care 

 Here is what I sent back to  them:

Mr. Frazier,

     Mr. Frazier,

     I appreciate you looking into this matter. It has been quite the story as I share this entire experience on my personal blog. Your offer for new cartridges is nice. If you wish you may send them. Yes, I have the latest Firm Ware on my computer. You see, the problem isn't in the Firm Ware. There has to be a problem somewhere else that would cause the ink to drop at a level of 50% per picture. We have tried draft and every other feature. The pictures come out discolored and unusable. We have purchased well over 10 of each cartridge in the last year and have done 1/3 of the printing we would normally do because the pictures/prints are useless and not worth attempting to print. At one point, Aprille had mentioned it could be the print head. I don't know. I guess I am just disappointed with your product overall. It was poorly put together (the front flap that holds the paper was broken in the first 2 months with very little use, and the plug itself hardly stays in. I find myself having to fiddle around with it to simply get the power to stay on (then I have to wait until it goes through the entire "system check" before I can attempt to print). I do think that the worst feature of your product lies in the fact that your printer will not print unless there are two "full" cartridges in the printer. When our color ink died (after 4-5 prints) our black was brand new, yet we couldn't use it. We have since decided that we will use what ink we have and see what your company will do. I think that in reality, I should have my money refunded for both the printer AND ink cartridges. What few prints we have made from the printer (especially the photos) were of such poor quality, that most were not usable. I realize however, that this won't be a likely solution Kodak will agree too. So, I guess your offer to send me two little cartridges is fine. It will not help me think better of Kodak, and it will not persuade me to ever purchase a Kodak anything ever again. Please send the ink. I have 2-3 pictures I would love to attempt to print before the cartridges are empty.

[address was given here]

If you are following this saga of Kodak problems, you may have noticed that "Photoguy" left a comment about how wonderful his Kodak printers are. It is my belief that he is paid by Kodak to do such comments. Why else would someone search out a comment on Kodak and leave a positive comment? It makes no sense. Anyways, I will let you know if I really get any ink, and, at this current point in this discussion, I still say that Kodak printers are NOT worth the $$$!



  1. :( So sorry guys, hopefully you get two new cartriges soon. BWAAHAHA! That is the worst excuse of a "problem fixed" ever!!!

  2. I purchased a esp 3 6 months back and it's been the biggest load of c**P I ever bought.If it works which is seldom it drinks ink, poor pic quality very noisy - get up and purchased a Cannon -- its perfect !!


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