Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anonymous- YOU ROCK!

So I got the post on my blog today:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "KODAK SAGA UPDATE #3 (or #4, or something like tha...":

I purchased a esp 3 6 months back and it's been the biggest load of c**P I ever bought.If it works which is seldom it drinks ink, poor pic quality very noisy - get up and purchased a Cannon -- its perfect !!

to quote my sister-in-law "BWAAHAHA"! How funny is that post. I wish I could say I knew who left it, but it says it all. We found out today that our NEW COLOR LASER PRINTER will be here on SATURDAY! Yippeeeeeeee! (Of course I am making my wife wait until Christmas to use it - love you dear! :)

Speaking of Chirstmas, check out this funny picture:

I love this. If I lived next to my parents, I would totally use this one! But alas, I end up looking more like the one on the left.

I can't believe all the holiday commercials that are already on. HELLO- what happened to Thanksgiving. What, we aren't thankful anymore?!?!? Good grief.

Well, I have lots to tell you (about Master's Classes and the hotdog roast I attended tonight) but I also have lots of work to get done for the school, so I must say GOODBYE and write more later...



  1. The christmas light picture made me laugh! Oh and as one that used to work at Target. There really isnt such a thing as Thanksgiving. Its called Black Friday and then Christmas. I am pretty sure I worked on thanksgiving too all night long so that the displays were up for crazy ppl in the morning.

  2. You are right, buttercup - there really isn't any time between even minimal holidays now. I know Christmas stuff started going up in some stores in my are before labor day - heck it was still summer then. I'm waiting to walk in and see bathing suits on display in November.

    Anonymous - I totally agree with Mr. Hughes that you rock about the kodak printers - I had mine for three months and decided time to get something more reliable. Haven't looked back since getting my HP 6500 all in one.

    I know there are tons of folks who have complained about the kodak printes but are just too afraid to speak up. Guess they have all moved on from those pieces of junk to better printers. Hopefully so.

    Keep up the good job, Mr. Hughes - see you in the postings or in class, whichever comes first - E :)

  3. i'm thankful still :o) i'm thankful that it's almost christmas!!! :o) ha ha! i love the idea of thanksgiving, but i could totally skip the holiday lol... it's just in my way of christmas decorating lol... LOVE that picture! so great :o)


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