Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Weekend for Giving Thanks

This weekend was been a whirlwind blur of activity. It started on Friday with meeting to write a paper (or at least get it started). A frustrating part of this whole experience has been that the teacher has been very wishy-washy about what is required for the project which has made it very difficult to meet her expectations. But that is okay.
Saturday brought my little sister from Salt Lake, one of my older sisters from Emery County (the "other" side of the county), and my older brother who lives here, together at my parents for an early Thanksgiving dinner (as everyone is busy on the actual weekend). It was a nice dinner (no turkey- thank heavens!) and it was nice to visit with everyone. It was crowded at my mom's house, but I guess being cozy isn't a bad thing. Just lots of noise and kids (and sports on TV which I am so NOT into at all!). In the late afternoon I was able to go and help my friend work on his Motel. He was replacing/strengthening some floor joists. He let me run the power tools (crazy man) and I only destroyed the plumbing (which he said he was replacing anyways- but I still think he was just being nice). Then, that evening I got a phone call from the a member of the Stake Presidency asking if he could stop by later that night. That could only mean one thing- NEW CALLING in the ward. He came and yes, I have a new calling. Can't share it yet as it has NOT been announced, but it will be good.
After church today we had my parents and my little sister and family over for "linner" (lunch and dinner). My wife made breakfast pizza with county gravy for dipping it in. T-A-S-T-Y! Then my little sis and I sang for a while before they had to head home to SLC. That was nice. I haven't really sang anything (except for the Veteran's Day thingy) for quite some time. I really enjoyed that time.
This evening we decided to play games as a family after getting everyone ready for bed. We settled on Go Fish! after some debate (UNO among others was a choice). We were playing with some way generic cards that only had fish on them and numbers. As we were playing, my little Z leaned over and said, "Pause! Everyone close your eyes except dad. Dad, what number is this?" We all laughed and laughed. What a great way to end the evening, playing a game. We plan to play more after FHE tomorrow night (of course, after school I have a teacher's book club, planning, and a meeting with the other teacher in the Master's Program to get the agenda for faculty meeting ready.
Tomorrow will be a great day. I am loving teaching again. I am not sure where the change came from (maybe I just decided this is my calling as a career and to buck up). By no means does this mean I won't be having more bad days and whining again, but I think that teaching will be the choice to stick with- now living here for the rest of my career, that's a whole other decision that needs to be faced and soon). I really don't think I want my children going to the high school here in its current state.I won't say much more as it isn't professional to do so, but it gives me food for thought nearly daily.
Well, since I have been staying up WAY TO LATE the last two nights (2am), it is time to head to bed and get some good rest. I hope everyone out there in Blog Land is well- PAUSE- I just realized that I forgot to mention one of the top events of the weekend. Houston, we have a brand new printer HP Color LaserJet. I was going to make my wife wait, but the box came trashed and the printer was upside down. I didn't think it would be worth waiting and besides, we really needed to have a way to print. So YAHOO! We can print again (duplex even)!!
Have a great week!


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  1. Yay you can print and pictures probably very good quality (you haven't tried printing pictures yet have you?). I hope it works wonders for you guys. If you put it on draft printing for you every day normal printing - you will save a ton of ink. I'm glad you have decided teaching is where you are staying, I can recommend lots of places that probably have good high schools - lol - but you will probably stay in the area close to family. Talk to you in class - E :)


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