Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Day, Another....Day

Howdy Y'all!
Life has been moving a pace to meet all paces. I have really been enjoying this week. School has been good (except the for a parent dilemma today with accusations that actually shocked me). After school I came home and helped with dinner then was off to a church meeting.
Now I am actually spending time sitting by my wife- something that isn't that common anymore.
I know this is kind of a lame posting, but I did want to share a quick blurb letting you know that I am busy and trying to keep up. :)



  1. Wow - an accusation - doesn't sound good - I hope you worked everything out the way it should be and all. I know what you mean about how things are moving so fast - except my computer which is dragging butt for some odd reason. Anyway - see you in class - E :)

  2. Mr. Hughes, I hope that my blog Teachers Are Sparklighters is encouraging to you. In terms of the parent, I hear a great wisdom once: when confrontations happen we need to move from conflict to common ground. That's now always easy to do when being "attacked" but it's always helpful to remember that families are human just like us. I wish you some common ground!


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