Sunday, November 01, 2009

Great News!

After almost 5 weeks, I can share my good news! Today at church I was released from being the Elder's quorum president. While I will miss being deeply involved in the lives of many of the men in the ward, I am very relieved to turn the reigns over the next leader.

I spent several hours at the school today getting report cards done, working on correcting math tests (which became so depressing I gave up) writing parent newsletters, and planning for tomorrow. It has been a busy week, but knowing the Friday is no school, I can survive anything! :)

Our Kodak printer should arrive this week, but they took too long. We went and purchased another printer. We will see what we will do with the "free" one from Kodak. We needed a way to print and our new color laser printer is going to be a blessing. YEA US!

Well, it is time to visit with my wife,


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