Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Kodak Came Through

So on my doorstep today arrived a brand-new in the box Kodak printer. I have to give them high marks in the Customer Service department (although it took publicly criticizing them in a open forum for them to respond, and several e-mails from me to get the ball rolling). I am greatly pleased with the friendliness AND professionalism of their consultants. As far as their product, I don't know that they will ever convince me to support their printing products again. They had a good idea, but in reality, it just isn't cutting it. Other than the "paid" commenter on my blog, I have yet to meet or hear from someone who actually likes/ has had success with the Kodak Printer.
Well, since I just fell asleep typing, I best be off to bed.


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  1. Although they came through, it's a bit late (you know that saying a day late and a dollar short) in that you needed printing done yesterday and so had to get a new printer that hopefully you will have tons of success with. Glad you sort of got the issue resolved. Hope things are going better for you now - E :)


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