Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hallloween Costumes At Last!

Well there you have it. A picture of my cute kids at Halloween.It was a great one. My wife took the kids trick-or-treating while I stayed home and handed out mozzarella cheese sticks (we went with a healthy option this year), After everyone made it home, we had dinner, finished off the cheese sticks, and then we turned off the lights, locked the door, and enjoyed White Christmas (it's a family tradition- thanks mom!)



  1. What cute costumes...oh ya, we LOVE White Christmas!!

  2. Super cute kiddos, but you already knew that :) Glad you had a happy halloween, and great idea with the cheese sticks. I would put pics of my kids up but I don't have a computer that works!!! Ok so I am going to pick up the new one tomorrow, so hooray for us! Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and you better not ask for anything else to Justin! Haha just kidding but I am really excited. Luv ya!

  3. Cute kids! I can't believe how big your baby is getting!

  4. okay, so after reading your whole thanksgiving schpiel up there, what the heck? you watched white christmas on HALLOWEEN????

    and on another note, apparently i've been in arizona too long... when i read you handed out cheese sticks, it took me a while to remember that it was probably cold enough there for that not to be nasty... here it was still 80 degrees, and the thought of my kids bringing home a warm cheese stick made my stomach turn a little lol :o)


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