Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving and Other Things...

This picture totally cracks me up. This is where Pumpkin pie comes from! lol-
This has been a whirlwind weekend/vacation.

Thanksgiving was great. My wife made a great spread. While she was cooking it, I was outside taking down the Thanksgiving decorations (pumpkins mostly) and putting up the Christmas decorations. After a wonderful meal, we put up our tree and then went and helped my parents set up their yard. That was a great evening. We ended it by watching Pumpkin Chunkin' 2009 on TV and had hot chocolate. It was great
Thursday. I was also determined to get the items I wanted from for the Black Friday deals. I had all the items I wanted open in separate tabs ready to go. I told my wife that i was not going to sleep until I got the "stuff"! I kept hitting refresh every 10 minutes. I set the alarm for 4:15am so I could get up and start hitting refresh again. I had my laptop on the nightstand was ready to go to sleep (I was SO tired!). I hit refresh one last time and low and behold everything was available for ordering. I quickly added and refreshed everything and checked out (three separate times) to get everything. I only missed out on two items, so I feel good about that, AND I didn't have to get up early or stay up later. YEA!

Friday was decorate for Christmas day. In all the years past, I have pushed my little in to having all the decorations up Thanksgiving day, but this year, my motto is: "Try something new!". So we spent a good portion of Friday decoration the inside of the house (and finishing the outside). I really like how everything turned out. This is such a great time of year.

Saturday the entire family slept in (we had been staying up super late to play UNO and Skip-bo with the two older kids. Once we were up and had eaten, I set to work wrapping gifts. My wife joined me and we wrapped for several hours (not that we had a lot, just took our time). We decided to head to Price that afternoon to let the kids shop for each other and to finish up a few odds and ends (we are now DONE with Christmas for the kids and each other!) When we got home we finished almost all of the wrapping. YEA!

Sunday (Today) was spent in lots of church meetings (Starting at 7am and ending at 2:30pm). A good dinner with my parents here (thanks honey) and an afternoon spent correcting writing projects from my students rounds out the weekend.
I can't believe that it is only 3 weeks until Christmas break, although there are so many activities, programs, and projects that have to be completed before then. I guess just one day at a time.
Well, now that it is 11:30pm, I need to head to bed. Hope your weekends was great too!



  1. Love You! It was so great to see you. Glad you had a great thanksgiving!

  2. Sounds like you guys are ready for the holidays. We are glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Visit my blog when you get the chance for our latest might be interested. Love you all and miss you!

  3. Oh, good. I have been telling him to call because we keep forgetting...I didn't want you to think we were hiding a secret! :) Tell Allisha I said hi!


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