Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It Has Begun...

Spring Break has officially begun! 6, six, S-I-X glorious days of rest and relaxation. Again is say, "WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

That is All I have to say about that!

I am excited for the break and the chance it will bring for me to spend much needed/wanted time with my sweet little family. I don't feel like I see them anymore. I always have some meeting or other to go to. My kids are always asking when they will get to see me. That is really sad.

My oldest son moved from a Wolf to a Bear tonight in cub scouts. We attended the Blue and Gold Banquet and watched as he received many awards and then had his ceremony to move to the next rank. I have it on video and may someday add it (however don't hold your breath).

My classes last night were nice. I actually enjoyed both. I even made numerous comments in one that I usually don't comment often in. I had the due date mixed up for the next writing assignment and thus I turned it in a week early. Oh well, at least now I can enjoy my break. I also asked about the next writing assignment and asked why we needed it. The teacher modified it and made it much more manageable (at least it seems that way to me). So I have two more assignments to live through and then I can be done! I WILL MAKE IT!!!!!

Well, it is getting late (not that I care because I don't have to wake up early) and my kids want a late snack and to play Pictureka. So, I am off to have fun!


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