Saturday, April 24, 2010

Going, Going...

Gone Wild! I finished a two-day workshop today titled "Project Wild". It is funded and presented by the Utah Division of Wildlife Management. I think that it was pretty good. I needed the hours for multiple reasons. 1) To get teacher licensure renewal points, 2) to get workshop hours for a pay incentive, and 3) to hopefully find a few new activities to try with my classes next year. All three missions were successful.

One a separate note, I have been plugging away at my paper. I currently have 7 1/2 pages (8 1/2 if you count the Abstract, which I TOTALLY plan to do!) For I am about half way through my paper. That is the good news. The bad news is that my teacher asked us to be ready to facilitate a 30 minutes discussion on the last 5 chapters of our FOURTH textbook. I think she went a bit overboard on the number of textbooks and articles. But oh well, it is almost all over. As you can tell from me posting right now and not working on my paper, that I am good at avoiding it!

After my workshop today I was able to come home and spend a few minutes getting our pump hooked up to the irrigation water and mowing the lawn. It was nice to be outside, unfortunately I got a little sunburned on my neck. But it was all good! It was just nice to be outside. Then this evening we headed up to my parents house so that we could build my son's Pinewood Derby car. Grandpa Hughes was great help- thank heavens for his amazing set of tools! After we got it cut out I decided to mow my parents lawn. It was looking mighty shaggy and I really felt the need to get some exercise. Okay, okay- using a self-propelled mower isn't really "exercise" but I did get a good mile in of walking (or at least it sure felt that way). We spent a while after watching the latest episode of Star Wars the Clone Wars. I like that show. I think that it is well done. Anyhow, we came home and I had to shower because my allergies were REALLY out of control from mowing. We then ate snacks (because it was so late) and got the kids all tucked up in bed. Now, instead of working on my paper, I will most likely head to bed as I have meetings that begin at 7am. BLAH!

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  1. Hey... how did the Pinewood Derby go. Have you raced it yet? A grandparent with a cool set of tools is always a big help.


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