Sunday, May 02, 2010

I Made It...

I made through my Spring Classes. I will be submitting my final paper tonight and then I will have a week off before the summer session begins. I wish that it started AFTER school got out, but such is life. I am just excited that this will be the final summer of classes and that after this summer session the program will be more than half over! YEA! I hope these summer classes go well.

As I near the end of the school year I am both saddened and relieved. Let me expound. I am relieved because of the enormous work load that I have had. It will be nice to only have to focus on one thing (sort of) and spend more time with my little family. I am saddened because this class has been one of the best classes I have ever taught. They have been a challenge, no doubt about that, but truly an achieving class. I will never be able to communicate that to them because...well, I am their teacher. They just don't see things that way. But I hope someday they realize how much I wanted for them to succeed.

The last week or so has been a whirlwind of activities. My son had a baseball game. He did well. He is still afraid to hit the ball (or be hit BY the ball), but we will work on that. He got to play first base and he was SO excited. He also got to be catcher for a inning. He was SO excited about that. I can't say that we was superior at it, but he had a lot of fun and I am thankful that he has a coach that is more worried about him having fun and enjoying the game than winning (although they DID win their game!). In the past week we also had pinewood derby! It was disheartening for my son as there were 4 entrants and 3 trophies. He didn't get one. I ached for him. But, his care did turn out nice and he had a great time. I did have to leave the derby early to attend my medical board meeting. I can't comment on the proceedings other than to say that I think little will change with the make up of the current board. Wednesday I had Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences Open House. I was in my room from 3:30pm-6:00pm and saw a total of 5 parents. It was actually more than I thought I would see, and I was pleased with how it worked out! Friday I met with my Admin Program cohort (Ms. D) and we planned out a summer school program (as if we don't have enough to do as it is). We spent about 4 hours planning out activity schedules for the kids. We are planning to do almost exclusively computer based activities (as the school subscribes to multiple on-line sites, we figured we should put them to use year round rather than 8 months). To see more about our ideas go to:

Well, I am going to sign off. I know this post isn't completely finished nor probably coherent, but
have many things I still need/want to do.


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  1. Totally does not surprise me as most people are not considerate of childrens feelings in such matters. Common sense should have screamed "we only got 4 kids, we need 4 trophies!"
    We would love to see a picture of the derby car he did this year! He is always so original and inventive! Tell him we love him and think he is tops!!!


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