Saturday, July 10, 2010

Don't Judge Me...

Okay, I know, I know. It IS true. Yes, I have to admit that I am going to go and see Eclipse tonight with my wife (and another couple). I am excited to spend time with just my wife. I love my kids and all, but it is always nice to have some time with just my wife! :)
We are heading out as soon as my wife gets back from Moab. She went down there with Heather Parsons to start training on bountiful baskets. I guess you have to train three weeks before you can open your own local site. I think I will call my wife right now and see how it is going...

Okay, I just got off the phone. Everything is going great. They made it there safely and are about done with the pick-up. Then they are going to have sit down with the ladies that are running it there and figure out all the "stuff" they need to do to get a site started. I am excited. My wife said that this week we got (and this is only what I can remember): cantaloupe, grapes, blueberries, oranges, nectarines, brussels sprouts (YUCK!), asparagus, lettuce, tomatoes, corn... That is all I can remember, but I DO remember that it only cost me $15!!!! Now THAT is a deal!. I am very excited about that fact that we can eat more fresh produce and not have to pay a fortune at the local store to do it! YEA!

Last night was SO hot! I don't think it got below 75 degrees until almost 3 am. I was sweating and tossing and turning all night. It didn't help that two of my boys were in my bed most of the night. I do not like it Sam I am, I do not like...when my kids get into my bed. It did finally cool off though and I did sleep. I was so tired when my alarm went off that I hit snooze twice and finally gave up all together on walking this morning.

After getting ready for the day, we had a good breakfast of cold cereal (don't judge us on this either. We had orange juice, fresh baked zucchini bread, toast, and lemon-poppy seed cake with it!). My wife headed out and I have been hanging with the kids. We have caught grasshoppers, looked at a praying mantis, played on the swing set, and played on the computer. I do feel a little guilty about not walking today. However, I did walk to get the mail with my kids (I was amazed at all the bizarre little comments that people made about the fact that I was alone with my 5 kids- what? Is that some kind of miracle or something?) and then promptly ate some candy to make up for the calorie burn- :).

I am trying to get the garden watered before we leave to watch the movie. It should be done. Our garden turned out SO nice this year. We didn't plant nearly as much as usual and it has been nice to have less to worry about. Our squash is going crazy. We will be able to freeze lots this year so we can enjoy vegetable pizza, zucchini bread, and cooked squash all winter- YEA!
Our tomatoes are taking FOREVER to do anything this year. We have had a couple of little cherry tomatoes so far, but that is it. Our spinach is growing well. We had never grown it before so it has been a learning experience. But I LOVE fresh spinach. YUM! Our radishes and carrots are growing like crazy. We have eaten radishes many times- Phew...They are HOT!!! Our apple trees have rooted and are putting out tons of new growth. I am VERY excited about that. I can not wait for the day we get to pick FRESH apples off the tree out the back door.

Well, I guess that I should go and check the water, read the last 200 pages of my book so I can START my paper (however, three cheers for me- I spent about 2 hours yesterday writing out an outline. That will make the actual paper MUCH easier to write), and make sure I have everything read to go when my wife gets back.


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