Thursday, July 08, 2010


After three L-O-N-G days of teacher workshops, I am home! I do have to say that I enjoyed visiting my sister very much, but I am muy glad to be home with my little family. My wife finished the kitchen painting and IT LOOKS WONDERFUL! But, because she is the one who did all the work, I will let her post about it first (then I can just steal her post! Tee Hee).

Well, I can officially say that I am done with summer college classes for good. Next summer (I know this is wishful thinking) will be so nice because I won't have Math Endorsement Classes, I won't have Masters of Administration Classes...what will I do with all my time? Oh yes, that's right- WHAT EVER I WANT!!!!!! It is quite comical how our last class ended up on Wednesday (I guess that was yesterday). We were there and we made it through the first almost 2 hours. Just as the first group started to really get into their presentation, the power went out at the district office. Ms. D and I were there with Jarett and Teri because of CORE Academy. Ms. D called the professor and told her what had happened. She said to wait for 15 minutes, and if it didn't come back on to head home and she would send an e-mail later. Well, an hour later (we got talking to one of the district administrators) we all left and headed home. So, that was a nice- I never have to take summer college classes again in my whole entire life, ever, ever, ever- gift! Now, if only the paper fairy would sneak into my house tonight and write my paper. Ha Ha. Actually, it isn't too big a deal. I just need to finish reading the book first- 200 more pages to go! Wahoo!

I enjoyed the ride home from workshops today with Greg. We had a nice chat. We are both so busy, even though we teach next door to each other, that we rarely get to chat.

Well, as I have been gone for three days, I best get off here and get to helping with dinner!


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  1. Congrats of the completion of classes...totally understand!


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