Friday, July 23, 2010

What a Day...

It has been one busy day. I overslept this morning due the the intense heat through the night again. Barely got below 77 degrees- YUCK! I did finally get up and get going as I had to supervise summer school today. Only two more sessions and then we are done with that! It has been quite successful, though not as much as I had hoped. These last few sessions has only brought in the dedicated 5-6 kids. But, that is okay, I am proud of those who are coming.

After summer school, I worked in my classroom for about two hours. I finally have everything mostly where I want it. I have really cleaned up and de-cluttered my classroom. It looks much, much better. I am very pleased with it. I left the school about 1:20 so I could go and watch the kids while my wife headed over to Heather's so they could work on the Bountiful Baskets information. It looks like our site will start August 21st (I think) IF, and that is IF, our site is accepted into the CO-OP. Exciting stuff! My wife is heading to Moab on Saturday to do her last training (and to pick up our basket we ordered- Yum!). It is exciting to see the amount of interest there is here in Green River over it. I hope it continues.

While my wife was gone, I cracked the whip (okay, not really, my kids are generally pretty good to help their OCD father!) and we cleaned up the house. My wife decided last night that she wanted to start painting the living room, so we moved everything (TV entertainment center NOT SO MUCH FUN TO MOVE!) and she started. She is already done this evening. In less than 24-hours our living room is now tan! It looks warm and inviting (okay. maybe warm was the wrong word to use in 110 degree weather). We just finished getting everything back in place (curtains, blinds, couches, tables, etc.). She will blog about it soon and show-off her work. I would never want to infringe upon her unveiling (however I have no shame in stealing it from her later and reposting here!). Anyways, while she was gone I cleaned the kitchen while my 7 year-old daughter cleaned both bathrooms and helped the boys clean their room (2 for 3 isn't bad for 7- the boy's room is a total disaster- but then again, the boys were building a fort with their bunk-beds!) When my wife came home, we had lunch and headed up to my parent's house. They have been in Sun Valley, ID for a Emery Telcom Conference. My father is on the board of directors. Anyways, we have been watching their yard and try to keep their garden alive. I noticed their lawn was a little shaggy the other day so my wife and I took the kids and headed up so I could mow the lawn. The kids enjoyed playing on grandma's many toys (swing set, tramp, etc.) while I mowed. It was quite funny. We were watering some new grass my parents had planted and we weren't really paying attention to the baby. Well, he walked right over to the sprinkler and stood in front of it. He thought it was great. I laughed and hauled him to his mother. He ran around in the diaper for about an hour while his pants dried. Silly little boy! After I got the lawn done, I dropped my wife and kiddos (except my daughter) back at the house and I returned to the school.

Back at the school I finished cleaning up some walls by removing old posters and other items that were dust collectors. I printed all the labels for notebooks, etc and also the front covers of the student's communication folders. Then I just didn't want to be there anymore. I have plenty still to do. I did get the tables set up with chairs. It will be SO nice not having 6/7 tables in the classroom this year (at least I HOPE I don't get that many students again). 5 tables and 17 student's so far. I have earned that. The last two years have been large classes for this area (22-25). My classroom really wasn't built to handle that many students either, so it is squishy and cramped. This year should be spacious and glorious! :)

After we got home, I enjoyed time with my babies. My parents arrived back in town safely (yea!) and stopped by to give my little one his belated birthday gifts- a new car seat (THANK YOU, MOM and DAD, THANK YOU-THANK YOU- THANK YOU!!!!) and a new little jumper to wear. It is way cute.

After family prayers the two little boys dropped off to sleep and we had ice cream with my cutie pie princess. What a great helper she is. My oldest is at my sister's house until Sunday, so she has stepped right up and is helping out more than usual (and that is a lot). She finally crashed, and I can barely keep my eyes open. We are cleaning the motel for our friends again tomorrow AND Saturday- YUCK! So I better sign-off so I can rest up for cleaning toilets and making beds- YEE-HAW, now that is some great Green River fun right there- Yup!

Oh, I do need to mention that I received two of my assignments back for Dr. Aleman. He gave me A's on both of them (one was a real close call- phew). I am waiting for the final paper to be graded and also the group paper from Dr. Rorrer to be graded and returned. I hope that happens someday soon!


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  1. OH... to have only 24 or 25. I'm already at 29 and I'm sure that number will be larger by the time I get my list again. I need to get going on my labels for all my kids folders. I hate that we work on all these things all summer and don't get the money to show for it.. LOL... Good luck with all your work!!


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