Monday, August 16, 2010

The Last Week of Summer Vacation

I can't believe that it is that time again. This year is not quite the countdown it has been in the past. I think that I more ready to meet it head-on, get it done and mostly just get my Masters done and out of the way. It is weird to think that I only have 4 more classes until I am done (and of course a praxis test- lol). But, that is okay. I think that this year will be a great year. I love my theme (Let the Adventure Begin...). My wife did an amazing job on the bulletin board. Between us (my ideas and her creative ability) we make a great team! I will try to remember to take a picture and get it posted!

I feel that I have accomplished all I had set out to do this summer. We got many, many projects done around the house (and my wife got all hers done IN the house with all the painting). We have already established a partial list for next summer (grass in the back, a nice storm door for the front). We are also hoping that our new road will be done before the winter time as to avoid the 1800's experience again. :) There is also a rumor that we will be getting curb and gutter. That would rock.

Well, I guess I best get back to the fray of the morning and breakfast. I am heading to the school, not to work on classroom "stuff", but to attempt to finish my Masters Portfolio- LOTS OF PAPER WRITING! Blah! But, if I don't get it done BEFORE classes start I will have to do it over Christmas break because there will be NO other break. So I CHOOSE now! :)


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