Friday, August 13, 2010

What? What Was On My Leg????

After enjoying a nice dinner at the ward activity the other night we decided to take the kids down by the river for a minute. They have never been very close to it and I figure I would rather be there with them when they experience it NOT sneaking down to the water. My wife and I were enjoying watching the kids throw rocks and sticks into the water. I felt something on my leg, but know that we have a lot of mosquitos out, I just reached down and swatted it. What I felt was NOT a little bug! I looked down and THIS:

was crawling away! I about screamed like a little girl! I DO NOT like spiders ON ME! It was a pretty good sized one too. My wife giggled at me. Phew. Glad it didn't try and taste me. It crawled away a little indignantly and hid on the leaf of a plant that was near by. Sorry little spider dude, I don't care much FOR YOU!

I was very glad to get out of there to say the least! :)

That was on Wednesday. Today (Friday) I spent most of the day at the school. Okay, the WHOLE day. I finally feel like I could start tomorrow and everything would probably be okay. I did get two new students today (twin girls) and I am excited to add them to the mix. They actually came to the school with their parents to register so I got to show them my classroom and the computer lab. I enjoyed meeting them.

I really hope this year turns out to be a great year. I am SO thankful that it is the last year of my Masters. Most days I wish that I had never even started it. It is a time suck and I don't need extra of those. Thankfully I have a very loving and patient wife. She has been very supportive and helpful. Thanks babe!

Well, the dinner bell is ringing (my 3 year-old is running around telling everyone it is dinner time) .



  1. EEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! I would have FREAKED!! And to think, I was in the same area as that thing! Yuck!

  2. If the thing had been crawling on me, sorry but he would have been squished big time - he wouldn't have had time to scamper away and hide under a leaf - ewwww - spiders are the worst because you never know which ones are really bad save the brown recluse and black widow - E :)

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