Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Update on the Shed Saga

Hello Again!
It is now two days after the storm and life has settled down a little. My photos were featured on both KUTV 2 News and KSL 5 News. My mom recorded both of them. I will have to see if I can get them on here somehow. In fact, I even got an e-mail back from Sterling Paulsen (the meteorologist) on Channel 2 between the opening sequence and the later newscast. He thanked me for the pictures and told me he would catch his breath later (he had had to run from waiting for my pictures to the filming area and was out of breath for the opening segment-lol).

The removal of the carport from our shed happened. I am SO glad they did that tonight. We are leaving tomorrow for a while and I wanted to be here when they did that. The only damage to my shed was a small scratch where it landed, and one small bent shingle corner! Phew. That is quite the relief. I was very anxious when they started the removal process. I didn't want to lose an apple tree (the one closest to the house was in the danger zone), but I would rather that than risk damage to my shed. In the end...oh wait, I guess you will have to wait for the video...

I am also uploading a few pictures on here. We had the most beautiful double rainbow the same day the shed found a friend. the sun came out right at sunset and lit up parts of buildings and made this amazing rainbow.

Below is a short sequence of photos- (same as in the video) that show the progression of the removal. Because my wife was shooting live footage of the removal, we don't have any "on the way" over photos. use your imagination (also, re-watch the video if you need too!).

Aside from all the home issues, I was up and going by 6am this morning. After only 4 hours of sleep I was a little nervous about driving for 1.5 hours each way for this meeting AND sitting all day long. I was able to see my CORE Test results from the last school year. I can't obviously say much other than I am feeling a little down. I truly hoped that my students would do better than they did. I am not sure what happened. I won't make excuses (although that is VERY tempting) and I will accept most of the responsibility (the students have a part in this as it is upon them to learn what they need to know and work to understand the concepts as well). All-in-all I had a great time and was able to visit with some good friends and colleagues. I also got to visit with my sister for a few minutes. She was there for a district training for substitute teachers (brave lady, she is!). On the way home there were a couple of scary moment (shhh! Don't tell my wife)... actually, I did fine aside from the crazy rain storm that I had to drive through. A good friend that is also a 6th grade teacher gave me a copy of the audio CD's for the Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan ( I purchased "catching fire" by Suzanne Collins last night- that is a whole other story- DO NOT BUY AUDIO BOOKS FROM iTUNES!!!!). Anyways, the Red Pyramid was a good listen. I have been wanting to read the book for quite some time, but just haven't had the chance. So that helped keep me awake and alert. I made it home safe and sound and dropped off the school car back at my administrator's home. My wife picked me up (she is so good to me) and we came home- YEA!

Since we have a family reunion this weekend, we start gathering together all the camping crap we would need. My wife has been baking up a storm and working to get everything packed. I just stay out of her way. She knows what she wants and could fit an elephant into a match box, so I don't even pretend to help pack things. I am simply exhausted so I will end this for now. I am sure that I will have plenty to share when I return from the reunion. :)


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  1. Did I miss the video link? I was looking forward to seeing some of the crazy weather stuff you seemed to have sent this way - we had a weird storm yesterday, not that I'm complaining because we need the rain (it did help alleviate some of the heat but I'm sure it will be back in full force the next few days). Sitting at the restaurant and all of a sudden, the rain was coming down and it was blowing sideways and front ways and back ways - lol - then it was coming down pretty hard - not hailing or anything but definitely hard rain. We were eating and all of a sudden, the noise level dropped like it had stopped raining but when we looked out the window it was still coming down pretty good - hard but not as hard as before - it was like a vacuum with the noise level - went from bustling, rain sounds to quiet in like 2 seconds - lol

    anyway - glad you didn't have much damage to your property, shed or house; sorry your vegetable garden got the brunt of it but better that than the house, vehicle or the humans. Gardens are pretty easily replaceable even though I'm sure those squash were getting ready to be harvested but it is a blessing that was the biggest damage.

    Have fun at the family reunion and talk to you soon - E :)


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