Monday, August 02, 2010

WOW! That was CRAZY!

Okay, so we just had some REALLY crazy weather! Below is what I sent to KSL 5 News to see if we could get some pictures on the news:

We just lived through what felt like a microburst. We had water coming through our ceiling vents, under our doors, and in our window seals. The wind was blowing from all directions at once, even straight up- we had hail, gail force winds, thunder and lightning, and at least 8 inches of rain (if it wasn't, then it sure felt like it) in about an hours time. We returned from some errands and found that our neighbors carport and tumbled across the field between us and landed on our shed. Luckily it missed our new apple tree and, as far as we can tell, did no damage to our shed. Also included are pictures of our back alley full of water and our poor garden that sustained heavy damage. Hope you can share this amazing event with all of Utah-
John Hughes

Yup, you read that right- we HAVE A CAR PORT ON OUR SHED! Check out the photos below. We were working at the school. It was sunny and nice (in fact hot and humid!) Then it clouded over and the wind picked up a little. Then it got REALLY crazy! The wind hit first and it went EVERY direction. I have never watched wind blow straight up, but it did. We had hail, rain (A LOT OF RAIN) and more wind. It was blowing so hard we didn't dare leave the school for a while. The kids were really scared so we had a little prayer before running out into the down pour. My son had left a car window down just about 3 inches and - this is now crazy the wind was- the entire interior of my trooper was soaked! We made it home safe and soaked!

Our poor yard was drowning in water. Good thing I mowed the lawn this morning. We were all running in the house and checking everything we could when my daughter ran in screaming to look at our shed. My heart sank. I didn't want to look. What we saw shocked us!

Isn't that amazing? I totally can't believe that it happened. Thankfully it didn't do any damage that we can see- it missed that new apple tree and landed perfectly on the roof. I just hope we can get it off with out much problem. I just hope the wind doesn't pick back up again as any movement of the teetering carport would be NOT GOOD!

These next two pictures are our backyard. The alley filled with water and started flooding back into our yard. It even blew so hard, it blew over our new basketball hoop. I don't think that it did any damage to it.

This is what is left of our poor squash plants. I don't dare step in to the soft dirt to check them. The tomato plant is about 18 inches shorter than it was- which can't be good either. :(

We also had water come in through our bathroom vent. That was a nice little puddle to clean up- I am just thankful that we didn't have a flooded basement like many of the residents here in town. Well, I better post this- people are waiting to see the pictures- Watch KSL 5 and see if we get featured. I hope so-


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  1. That definitely was a crazy storm. I saw it coming into town but I didn't think it had that much of a punch until WHAM! Glad to hear the family is alright!


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