Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And We Are Off...

Tonight marks a wonderful time.

The beginning of the end. I started my last semester of classes tonight, and thankfully, they are going to be very manageable. What a relief. I am not really all the excited to return to classes, but I am grateful to be moving ever closer towards the finish line. Wahoo!

Today at school was wonderful as well. While my class was far from perfect, they were much more perfect than they have since Christmas break and I truly enjoyed my day. It is like a new friend I have found blogging- this friend keeps reminding me that life isn't as bad as I keep thinking it is- and that tomorrow is a new day. What a blessing to have a ever growing network of colleagues that can help, support, and buoy each other up. Thanks to all of you for that!

On that note, a dear friend of mine announced today that she will be retiring after this school year. I am very sad for me, but excited for her. She has been a help and support for a majority of my 6 years here in the district. I will miss her humor, her ideas, and most of all her laughter at the many meetings we have sat through together!

However, life is great, and I am thankful to have new friends that I can turn to for help and support!


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  1. She may be retiring but she will still be around to help you get through a day or whatever it is you need (I can't imagine her totally leaving and being out of your life even though she is moving on to a better thing for her). You also have the rest of us who will help you make it through whatever hits you. I may not be a teacher but I do know how to be a friend - lol.

    Glad this semester of classes is manageable and you won't feel super overwhelmed (that's the feeling I got from the posting). Hang in there - you will make it - you will miss these classes for a while next year - lol - see you in class - Mrs. E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
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